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You Season 4 Release Date: You season 4 is the much-awaited fourth part of the very much-loved show on Netflix. The character of Joe has been the literal character that has carried the show forward. He has had a vast character jump from being a stalker followed by being a dad and husband and yet again a stalker. We are all very unsure of how this will bring a change in Joe’s character. We already know what the third season got in store and how it ended. Keep reading this article to know about You Season 4 Release Date, Latest updates, new developments, storyline, cast, and more!

The third season of the show ended with the death of the very favorite character of the show, Love Quin. Love entered the show in season two and ever since then, the audience had been in awe of her. Loved creating a character that the audience wanted and needed. She gave Joe a son and made him a better man yet! There was so much we still wanted to see of Love. The audience still wishes that Love would come back yet we are sure that the actress has refused to return to the show.

You Season 4 Release Date

We know you all are anticipating the date for your favorite show. The show will now be coming on Netflix and we can sure that this show will and especially this season will bring in more interesting sequences for the audiences. The show is set to release in two parts this time. We know that the three seasons that are behind have created a very strong base for all the viewers in the coming seasons. Now that the show has featured some very interesting twists and turns the question is what will happen in the two parts of the fourth season and why are there two parts, to begin with, Time will tell.

You Season 4 Release Date Overview

You Season 4 Release Date Overview

Name You
Category Entertainment
Release Date 9th February 2023
Platform Netflix
No. of Episode 10

You Season 4 Date of Release

The fourth season of You will be released on 9th February 2023. Wait wait, only the first part of the season will be released on this date, and watch calmly. Cause the second part will be out on 9th March 2023. Each part will have 5 episodes and we are sure you are confused too, but worry not the show will be featuring some variant twists and turns which will push the semi-end on the first 5 episodes.

You Season 4 – Storyline

The trailer has not been very descriptive but our analysis of the show let us understand that You as a show has always featured a new cast in every season and every time the cast members come with their specific characters. Thus, guessing who the characters are and what will they be like is tough. All we know is the small glimpse that we have got from them in the older seasons

Also now let’s talk about our very much loved Joe Goldberg, this character is everything about the show, and other characters come and go but he stays and well kills them! Joe is a weird person but his character makes us want to like him somehow there is always a reason attached to his actions and somehow he even makes the murders he does feel like a good deed. But this time he is going to be in Italy amongst the Italian high-class people. So we are surely going to find them super interesting and the whole process of watching this show will surely need popcorn.

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You Season 4 OTT

The show will be released on Netflix each year and the show will be available to all subscribers from 2023 onwards. The show will have some of the most fun and interesting turns of events that two divided into two whole seasons. Here is how to watch You Season 4:

  1. Open the Netflix application or access the site here
  2. Now that you have accessed the site you will have to log in with your account
  3. If you do not have an account you can easily create one
  4. Finally, they will ask if you are interested in which subscription
  5. Select the one you want to avail even a mobile subscription is available
  6. Now Complete the payment which can only be done through the browser and not a mobile application
  7. Your account is ready, search for You can watch all the available seasons

Please note: Make sure you keep your account details handy!

You Season 4 Release Date
You Season 4 Release Date

You Season 4 Release Date FAQs

When will You Season 4 be Released? 

You Season 4 will release on 9th Feb 2023 with its first 5 episodes

Who will be the lead actress in You Season 4?

Tati Gabriele is the lead in You Season 4.

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