Year in Search 2021: what was trending in 2021 in India?

Year in Search 2021: what was trending in 2021 in India?: What did Indians search the most on Google in 2021?: Cricket is the first love of Indians. This year also he proved it. The two waves of the Corona epidemic, including the very deadly second wave, also could not reduce the country’s love for this sport. The results of this year’s Google India ‘Year in Search’ show that the most searched Indians this year is the Indian Premier League IPL. Apart from this, the ICC T20 World Cup was also included in the top search.

Year in Search 2021: what was trending in 2021 in India?

Like every year, Google has released its list of ‘Year in Search 2021’, revealing what were the top search trends this year in the country and in 70 other countries.

What is Google’s ‘Year in Search’ list?

Google is a very popular search engine. Google releases a list at the end of every year in which it is told that what people searched the most on Google throughout the year. This year’s list has also been released. It includes an overall list of searched items. Apart from this, the list has also been released in different categories.

What did India Google the most in 2021?

Cricket retained the first place in the charts. People also showed interest about football and Euro Cup and Copa Cup also got a place in the list. During the year and the topic which grabbed the most attention was the stellar performance of the Indian players in the ‘Tokyo Olympics’. With the start of the world’s largest vaccination campaign, Indians did a lot of searching for the Covin and Covid vaccine. People wanted to know about the vaccine options and its availability. Apart from this, ‘Free Fire’ was the only game that made it to the overall trending list.


Have a look at the overall list of top Google searches in India…

Top-10 search

  1. Indian Premier League (IPL)
  2. Cowin
  3. ICC T20 World Cup
  4. Euro Cup
  5. Tokyo Olympics
  6. Covid Vaccine
  7. Free Fire Redeem Code
  8. Copa America
  9. Neeraj Chopra
  10. Aryan Khan

Most Searched Celebrities

You will not be surprised to know that in 2021, the name of which personality Indians searched the most on Google. This is the name of Neeraj Chopra, who created history by giving the country its first gold medal in athletics at the Tokyo Olympics. The second name that was searched the most was the name of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan. Tesla founder and big social media personality Elon Musk was also included in this list.

Apart from these, the names of Vicky Kaushal, Shahnaz Gill and Raj Kundra can also be seen in the list. Have a look at this list –

Top 10 Personality Search List

  1. Neeraj Chopra
  2. Aryan Khan
  3. Shehnaaz Gill
  4. Raj Kundra
  5. Elon Musk
  6. Vicky Kaushal
  7. PV Sindhu
  8. Bajrang Punia
  9. Sushil Kumar
  10. Natasha Dalal

Most search in ‘Near Me’ about Covid-19

By writing ‘Near Me’, Indians searched the most about Covid. That is, he wanted to know about the situation of Covid Vaccine, Covid Test and Covid Hospital around him. In 2021, Indians were seen battling the deadly second wave of Corona. This is the reason why people searched a lot on Google even by writing oxygen cylinder and CT scan. Apart from this, searched a lot about food delivery, tiffin service and takeout restaurants. Periodic lockdown can be seen as a reason behind this. Have a look at this list-

India discovered this by writing Near Me

  1. Covid Vaccine Near Me
  2. COVID test near me
  3. Food delivery near me
  4. Oxygen cylinder near me
  5. covid hospital near me
  6. Tiffin service near me
  7. CT scan near me
  8. Takeout restaurants near me
  9. Fastag near me
  10. Driving school near me

Regional Cinema and Hollywood Top Trends with Bollywood

In 2021, Indians showed special interest in regional cinema. At the top of the list of movies is the name of ‘Jai Bheem’, which is a Tamil blockbuster. After this the name of the Bollywood film ‘Sher Shah’ is. ‘Radhe’ and ‘Bell Bottom’ were the other Hindi films to be included in the top 10. Indians also showed great interest in the much awaited Hollywood films like ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ and ‘Eternals’. Have a look at this list –

Top 10 Search Films

  1. Jai Bhim (Tamil)
  2. Sher Shah (Hindi)
  3. Radhe (Hindi)
  4. Bell Bottom (Hindi)
  5. Eternals (Hollywood)
  6. Master (Tamil)
  7. Sooryavanshi (Hindi)
  8. Godzilla Vs Kong (Hollywood)
  9. Drishyam 2 (Hindi)
  10. Bhuj: The Pride of India (Hindi)

Corona pain shown in ‘What is’ and ‘How to’

The most searched news related to Covid-19. Apart from this, people were also interested to know about global events and topics like Tokyo Olympics, Black fungus, Afghanistan and West Bengal elections. People kept coming to Google to get many important and relevant information. Like – How to register for Covid Vaccine? How to Download Vaccine Certificate? How to increase oxygen level? He is included in the top three this year in the ‘How To’ search list.

On the other hand, Indians tried to know about the black fungus in the ‘What is’ category search. Also what is Taliban? What is Remdesivir? Keep searching for things like that. Have a look at all these lists –

These things searched on Google (How to…)

  1. How to register for COVID Vaccine?
  2. How to Download Vaccine Certificate?
  3. How to increase oxygen level?
  4. How to link PAN with Aadhaar?
  5. How to make oxygen at home?
  6. How to buy Dogecoin in India?
  7. How to make Banana Bread?
  8. How to Check IPO Allotment Status?
  9. How to invest in bitcoin?
  10. How to find percentage of marks?

These questions asked from Google (What is…)

  1. What is Black Fungus?
  2. What is Factorial of Hundred?
  3. What is Taliban?
  4. What is happening in Afghanistan?
  5. What is Remdesivir?
  6. What is the square root of 4?
  7. What is steroid?
  8. What is Toolkit?
  9. What is squid game?
  10. What is the Delta Plus variant?

Which news got the most searches?

  1. Tokyo Olympics
  2. black fungus
  3. Afghanistan News
  4. West Bengal election
  5. stormtrooper
  6. lockdown
  7. Suez Canal Crisis
  8. peasant movement
  9. bird flu
  10. Yas storm

Apart from this, Google has also released a list of the top searches of recipes and the most searched games.

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