World Happiness Report 2023: Everything You Need to Know 

World Happiness Report 2023: The World Happiness Index 2023 and the rankings of every country in the world were published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The World Happiness Report 2023 is created by Columbia University and its Research Partners and ranks every country according to a number of different criteria. The freedom to make life decisions, GDP per capita, and life expectancy are only a few of the variables that are used to classify countries in the 2023 World Happiness Report. Finland now holds the top overall ranking in the world with a 7.8 rating.  

So, if you’re curious about the 2023 World Happiness Country-by-Country Ranking, please read this post where we’ve explicitly stated the rankings for India, Bhutan, Finland, Pakistan, the United States, China, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, it must be made clear that the UPSC aspirants must use the World Happiness Index 2023 PDF Download Link because it is a requirement for the Prelims Exam’s current affairs portion. 

World Happiness Report 2023

On March 22, 2023, the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network published the World Happiness Index Report online at, their official website. Numerous people from all over the world were contacted throughout this research on behalf of variables such as Life Expectations, Liberty in Making Their Own Choices, GDP Per Capita, Generosity, and more. We, therefore, wish to let you know that Finland has achieved the highest ranking, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Israel, and so forth. The table below contains information on your country’s ranking in the World Happiness Report 2023.  

Additionally, you may examine a comprehensive analysis by downloading the happiness index pdf from the links section. Readers from India should be aware that their country ranks 126th in the world according to the Global Happiness Index’s country-by-country rankings. To help you determine where your country stands, the following table lists all the nations along with their corresponding rankings and overall scores. While questions from this World Happiness Report 2023 are frequently asked, this post is also essential reading for UPSC aspirants. 

World Happiness India Rank 2023 Highlights

Title  World Happiness Index 2023 
Factors Affecting  Perceptions of corruption, GDP Per Capita, Social Support, Generosity, Health Life expectancy 
1st Rank  Finland 
2nd Rank   Denmark 
3rd Rank  Iceland 
World Happiness Rank 2023 India  126th Position 
World Happiness Index 2023 Bangladesh  118th Position 
World Happiness Index 2023 Pakistan  108th Position 
Country Wise list  Check Below 
Official Website 

The World Happiness Index 2023 is now available on the official website at, as announced to all readers. Several people have inquired about the Global Happiness India Rank 2023, therefore we are here to let you know that it is currently ranked 126th, largely because of the country’s big population. Find your country’s ranking in this index, or rankings table, and then study the weaknesses where it falls short. Pakistan is not in the top 100 Happiest Countries, unlike the United Arab Emirates and other western nations. 

World Happiness Index 2023

  • A study or report called the “World Happiness Report” was released by Columbia University in association with other research institutions throughout the globe.  
  • It is based on six main variables, including, but not limited to, GDP per capita, opinions of corruption, benevolence, social assistance, health, and life expectancy. 
  • The university released it on Happiness Day 2023, and it was posted on their site at 
  • Make sure you download the PDF file first, then use this link or the direct link at to determine your university’s ranking. 
  • See India’s ranking along with those of Pakistan, Bhutan, and other neighboring countries in the 2023 World Happiness Index. 

What is the World Happiness Index?

Every nation has unique characteristics that set it apart from others, as do its people. Culture, language, physical characteristics, ethnicity, religion, political structure, and many other things are examples of these variables. By moving from one country to another, there is another component that also experiences changes. Global Happiness Index is the specified parameter. 

This is essentially a measurement of a certain area’s need for mental health care, life satisfaction, happiness, and contentment. In order to draw a conclusion, the World Happiness Report looks at a variety of variables. 

Who publishes the World Happiness Report?

Sustainable Development Solutions Network is a global program administered by the UN. Every year, they also issue the Global Happiness Index Report after calculating each nation’s results. In the year 2012, the initial report was released. The study for the year 2022 is the data’s tenth of its kind. 

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Factors Affecting and observed Happiness Index

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network of the United Nations takes into account a total of six parameters to compile a list of the world’s happiest nations and rank all other countries in that list. Here, the parameters are as follows: 

  • Dystopia: This conjures up the idea of feeling oppressed by injustice, under siege from authoritarianism, or in the wake of the end of the world.  
  • Understanding Corruption is a mental condition where people believe corruption is what’s making them do things. 
  • Generosity: The fundamental human interaction, along with empathy and a sense of humanity. 
  • The element “Freedom to Make Life Decisions” stands for the condition of being sufficiently free or free to make decisions and choices in life without compromising because of social ramifications.  
  • Healthy Life Expectancy: The anticipation of living a healthier life unencumbered by my obtrusive deadly illnesses or ailments. 
  • Social Support: A metric used to gauge the level of assistance that fellow countrymen and women provide. 
  • The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of a nation is a key factor in determining its level of poverty and financial stability. 

World Happiness Ranking List 2023 Top 10 Countries

Rank  Country 
1  Finland 
2  Denmark 
3  Iceland 
4  Israel 
5  Netherlands 
6  Sweden 
7  Norway 
8  Switzerland 
9  Luxemburg 
10  New Zealand 

The rank of the USA in Happiness Index 2023

  • In the global happiness ranking, the United States of America is ranked number fifteen. 
  • Overall, the United States scored 6894, while Finland took first place with a score of 7804. 
  • In terms of GDP per capita and other similar metrics, the USA comes in at number 15, putting the country’s overall ranking at that position. 
  • The Global Happiness Index 2023 places America among the Top Countries with a Good Rating. 
  • After taking into account a number of indicators, the USA’s Happiness Index rank was determined to be Rank 15. 
World Happiness Report 2023
World Happiness Report 2023

World Happiness Index 2023 Country Wise List

Rank  Country 
1  Finland 
2  Denmark 
3  Iceland 
4  Israel 
5  Netherlands 
6  Sweden 
7  Norway 
8  Switzerland 
9  Luxemburg 
10  New Zealand 
11  Austria 
12  Australia 
13  Canada 
14  Ireland 
15  United States 
16  Germany 
17  Belgium 
18  Czechia 
19 the  United Kingdom 
20  Lithuania 
21  France 
22  Slovenia 
23  Costa  
24  Romania 
25  Singapore 
26  United Arab Emirates 
27  Taiwan Province of China 
28  Uruguay 
29  Slovakia 
30  Saudi Arabia 
31  Estonia 
32  Spain 
33  Italy 
34  Kosovo 
35  Chile 
36  Mexico 
37  Malta 
38  Panama 
39  Poland 
40  Nicaragua 
41  Latvia 
42  Bahrain 
43  Guatemala 
44  Kazakhstan 
45  Serbia 
46  Cyprus 
47  Japan 
48  Croatia 
49  Brazil 
50  El Salvador 


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