Windows 12 Release Date 29th July, 2023, Latest Update, Features, Requirements, Beta Version & More!

Windows 12 Release Date 29th July, 2023: Windows 12 is going to be the next major version of Windows after Windows 11. It is expected that Windows will launch its latest version in 2024. If we go by the past releases then we can expect that it will be released in the second half of the year. The much anticipated Windows 12 will be released next but the beta version can be used by selected users right away. This article has everything you need to know about Windows 12 including the latest update, features, requirements, and beta version.

Windows 12 Release Date

Windows 12 Release Date Overview

Category Technology
Release Date 29th July, 2023
Company Microsoft
Old Version Windows 11

There has been no confirmation from Windows about the release date of Windows 12. You can keep checking the official website of Microsoft. Windows 11 was released in the year 2021. The experts are expecting a release by 2024, the upcoming windows version has been highly anticipated amongst the geeks. Windows 12 is going to be better than Windows 11. Many people are experiencing bugs in Windows 11. People who are currently using Windows 10 should definitely upgrade to Windows 12 whenever it will be released.

Windows 12 – How to Install

It will be downloaded from the official website of Microsoft. Once it will be released Microsoft will provide you with the steps for downloading their latest version. The file size of this version is going to be 1.2 GB. Windows will be updated the minute it is available for the users, on the release of the update make sure you install the update right away.

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Windows 12 – Features

According to the experts, this version of Windows will have amazing features. It will have a new taskbar, a better refresh rate, multiple homepages, and a podcast application. It will have no bugs. In order to download this version you need to have 4GB RAM, an i5 processor, and 256GB HDD. The file size will be 1.2 GB. So, you need to have this much space to download. It will work on all personal computers and laptops. The developer is Microsoft and the operating system name is Windows 12. The release is set to make history and since the company is taking a fair amount of time to develop the update they are making sure no stone is left unturned.

Windows 12 – Beta Version

The Windows 12 beta version is available for users who want to experience the latest version of Windows. We know all our readers who are eagerly waiting for the upcoming version of Windows want to know how to download the latest update.

We have compiled some steps for you to simply download the beta version right on your PC. You can access the beta version of Windows 12 with a few simple steps. Early access is not available to everyone. Some users will be given access to and  Windows 12 Beta version since it is expected to have many more upgraded features. Thus the users are trying their best to get their hands on this new version.

  1. Become a part of the insider program at Microsoft by installing the beta version
  2. You will be asked for your approval on the installation, and you can accept the same
  3. Your views and opinions will matter to the Microsoft team and you will be asked about the bugs constantly
  4. Through the Insider Program, all the information related to bugs and errors will be provided.
  5. See how you can become a part of the insider program on the Microsoft Website and register yourself
Windows 12 Release Date 
Windows 12 Release Date

Windows 12 Release Date FAQS

When Windows 12 will be released?

It will be released somewhere in the second half of 2024.

Is Windows 12 better than Windows 11?

Experts are anticipating that Windows 12 will be better than Windows 11.

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