Why 1899 was Cancelled – Season 2, Spinoff and More Updates

Why 1899 was canceled, is a question asked by all and the answer remains uncertain for all the audiences. The show was extremely loved by the audiences, many were awaiting the next season after a jaw-dropping finale and end scene. However, after all the hype and love the show got it has been canceled by Netflix. This article will give you all the insight on the next season, spinoff, and more and take you through the answers to all your questions. This a gentle reminder that this article contains spoilers for the readers, so if you haven’t watched the show yet please make sure to watch it right away!

Why 1899 was Cancelled Overview

Why 1899 was Cancelled Overview
Show name 1899
Release Date 17th November 2022
Next Season Canceled for now
OTT Platform Netflix

Why 1899 was Cancelled?

1899 was a very confusing and brain-scratching show that completely left the viewers waiting for the next season. It was one of those shows that reminded people of the show ‘Dark’, one of the biggest Netflix thrillers to date. The basis of this show was the premise of suspense, questions came up all over and changed the course of the viewers time and again.

The cast of the show was truly devastated and heartbroken to the core due to the show’s cancellation. They were excited about the success of the show and the love it got from the viewers, thus the cancellation came as a shock for everyone. The viewers still want one special spinoff and they simply need closure on what went with this show.

1899 Cancellation Announcement

Baran bo Odar and Janjte Freise shared a letter on Instagram with regard to the cancellation of the show. The letter was a heartfelt apology and broke the hearts of the viewers completely shattering their anticipation for the upcoming show. The announcement completely moved the plans that the makers had in mind for the show.

What was completely astonishing was that the show was released only two months prior to the announcement and while many shows don’t even announce their next season,1899 quickly announced a cancellation. The show makers are the same who created ‘Dark’ the very popular Netflix show. This show had been running for a very long time and recently came to its finale. When a show from the makers of Dark was released, it instantly gained interest from the audiences world over.

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Why 1899 was Cancelled – Speculations

Once the trailer for 1899 was released, there were many speculations that centered around the publication of the show. The trailer received over 8 million views within no time. There are many anticipations on the show’s cancellation reason however some of the reviews stated that the show didn’t match the viewer’s expectations. Many are trying to still figure out the reason behind its cancellation, which some of the audiences have understood that might have been due to the lower rating of the show.

The premise that a very highly awaited show didn’t match the expectations of the viewers is not new, and thus the fact that 1899 was canceled on this very basis did come as a shock. Most shows have been known to pick up from their second season and even the makers are patient and so are the viewers.

Why 1899 was Cancelled
Why 1899 was Cancelled

Why 1899 was Cancelled FAQs

When was 1899 released?
The show 1899 was released in November 2022

Where can I watch 1899?
1899 can be watched on Netflix and is a Netflix original series

When will the second season of 1899 be released?
Any future seasons of 1899 are on hold and the makers have announced their indefinite cancellation however there is an anticipation of a spinoff

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