White Lotus Season 3 Release Date, Location, Location, Latest Updates, Plot details, New Cast Members

White Lotus Season 3 Location: The very loved drama by Mike is all set to make its comeback in the third season. The show has now been officially renewed and we are all geared up to see the in its full thriving mode. The ups downs and drama has been so loved by the audience over time that we are sure that the third season will be awaited like the calm before the storm.

The show has been amongst the biggest award winners and we are here to share all the details you need on the upcoming season three. Keep reading to know more about White Lotus Season 3 Location, Release Date, Latest Updates, Plot details, New Cast Members, and more!

The second season of White Lotus Season ended recently and like all good things coming to an end, this one too has now faced its end. However, the end will be simply a happy tragedy as a new season is in the works. There are many details that the audience missed in season 2 that hints towards the third season and we know you are eager to take our help in discovering these details. Keep reading ahead and We are sure you are going to be happy and amused at the same time!

White Lotus Season 3 Location

The third season will be in a new location and for the readers who are here after listening to the hype about the show but haven’t seen it let us give you a little insight into how this very location is such a hype. White lotus is the name of a hotel that has branches in different parts of the world. This hotel has new guests every season and these locations dominate the whole story that this show revolves around. Now that we have seen Italy, it is time to come across something more beautiful! Keep reading to know the next location, it will be shared soon.

White Lotus Season 3 Release Date

White Lotus Season 3 Release Date
Name White Lotus Season 3 Location
Category Entertainment
OTT Hotstar
Release Date As shared in the article
Genre Drama

White Lotus Season 3 – Release Date

The third season will be released as per the timelines of the last two seasons. The second season was released on 2nd October 2022. Now that we are closer to the third season we can hope that the third season will be out by October or latest by November 2023. For those of you wondering where you will be able to watch the show, the show is an HBO original and yet there are places where HBO is not available. Again, worry not we will soon share how to watch White Lotus Season 3 on OTT.

White Lotus Season 3 – Cast

While the rest of the cast is on hold and not revealed at the moment, we know one person who is always had our attention in this show. The second season of White Lotus gave us the end of Jennifer Coolidge. We loved her role then, we love her role now, and we will always her in this show. Now that she passed away at the end of the second season we are not sure if she will return.

Yet for the lovers of the show, we have exclusive insight, the makers have revealed that they are keen on having her back on the show. We do not know how that can happen or if it will happen or not yet we would love to see the star of the back in action!

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White Lotus Season 3 – OTT

The show is an OTT exclusive show and even the episodes are released once a week which keeps the viewers hooked for weeks. The show ended recently and the next season is already in the works. For those who have not watched the show or are unable to do the same here is quick detailed information.

The show is available on HBO. The show is an HBO original but since many jurisdictions do not have access to HBO they can watch this show on Hotstar. Yes yes, all the Indian audiences who love the show can watch it on Hotstar by taking their paid subscription!

White Lotus Season 3
White Lotus Season 3

White Lotus Season 3 FAQs

Where can I watch White Lotus Season 3?

You can watch White Lotus Season 3 on Hotstar in India and HBO Original in other jurisdictions

When will White Lotus Season 3 be released?

White Lotus Season 3 will release in the second half of 2023.

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