Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit Delhi, Location, Booking, Dates, How to Book

Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit Delhi: The Van Gogh 306 Degree immersive art experience exhibit is now entering Delhi and we are as excited as you are. The newest talk of the town exhibit will make its way into Delhi after making news in Mumbai. The exhibit will feature all the paintings of sir Van Gogh and all the new features will be set up in her city for the lovers of the paintings. The exhibit was a major hit in Mumbai and all those who could travel all the way to witness it for those who couldn’t here everything you need to know about Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit Delhi, Location, Booking, and more.

There are not many places the peeps have not explored yet and as much as we know that Delhi has our hearts and soul we also know that every time there is a new event the people simply love to rush and make the most of it. The season is to divulge yourselves in this amazing exhibit and like many other events including Horn Okay Please and other food festivals this one will be a great event to witness. Make sure you do the best of your efforts and witness the glory.

Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit Delhi

The exhibit is known for its unreal amount of scenes and pictures and all those who are interested have already registered! The days of the exhibit will be shared in the article further and the process to booking will be followed soon. Make sure you witness the beauty of this one and enjoy every scene to the fullest. After all, we love a little extra glam and we all know that show exhibit is known for. Van Gogh 360 exhibits have been showcased around the globe and everyone who witnessed this one instantly loved every bit of it.

Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit Delhi Overview

Name Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit Delhi
Category Entertainment
Date 10th  April 2023 – 30th April 2023
Location Delhi

The hype around the exhibit is obviously worth your time and every scene and picture is displayed in a manner that you not only get to see it but to live it. The designs and creations of the event are very surreal and this is exactly why the high entry price is considered justified. Creators who have knowledge of making the exhibit from around the globe have come together to create the beauty of Van Gogh and now that we have already seen it in Mumbai, we are all the more excited to see it in Delhi.

Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit Location

The Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit will be showcased at the DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. The showcasing will definitely sweep you off your feet. Not a single corner is left untouched as the world in that event is not ours but Van Gogh’s. With the help of Tech and AI, the makers have managed to make this show completely digital. So for all the pretty picture lovers, you might get a few hundred here. There is no denying how stunning this one is and the amount of crowd that is ready to pull up is justified.

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Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit How to Book

Booking tickets for the exhibit is not open yet and the ones who are open to the booking are still waiting for the booking portals to allow it. The tickets are only available on one platform and for your best use, we have mentioned the links in the overview section and at the end of the article. Here are the steps you will need to follow once you book the tickets:

  1. Open the portal from the link shared in this article
  2. Once opened you can check out the option for the Van Gogh Delhi Exhibit under the events section
  3. Click on the option of the exhibit from the events page
  4. The page for the exhibit will open
  5. You can book yourself a ticket on this portal by clicking on the option to book a ticket
  6. On the final page, you will need to make a payment
  7. Once you pay, you will receive a confirmation on your phone and WhatsApp

The sales will open on 8th February! So the ones waiting to book can check out the prices after that.

Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit Delhi
Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit Delhi

Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit Delhi FAQs

Where will the Van Gogh 360 exhibit happen in Delhi?

Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit will be held in DLF Cyber City

When can I book for Van Gogh 306 Degree Exhibit, in Delhi?

You can book at

Official Website

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