List of Top 10 Richest Women in the World

Top 10 Richest Women in the World – Women all over the world are making heavy fortunes lately. Be it heading a global MNC or leading a startup, women have proved their efficiency. As per a report, out of 2688 billionaires, 327 are women. Most of the women billionaires on the list are of American origin. As of now, the world’s richest woman is Francoise Bettencourt Meyers with a net worth of $74.8 billion. Read this article to know the details of the top ten richest women along with their net worth.

Top 10 Richest Women in World

Here is our list of the top ten richest women along with their net worth.

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is the first woman on our list of the world’s richest women. She has a net worth equal to $74.8 billion which she has inherited from her family. Meyers is the granddaughter of beauty mogul and founder Loreal Eugène Schueller.

Alice Walton

With a net worth of $65.3 billion, Alice Walton stands at the second number in our richest women’s worth list. Daughter of Walmart’s founder, Sam Walton she has inherited her wealth from her father.

Julia Koch

Wife of the late David Koch and the current president of Kock industries, Julia holds 42% stakes in the company with a net worth of $60 billion. She rose of fortune following the death of her husband.

Gina Reinhart

Gina Reinhart is the wealthiest woman in Australia and is one of the world’s richest women. Her estimated net worth is $30.2 billion and is currently serving her tenure as the Executive Chairwoman of Hancock Prospecting, a mineral and extraction company.

Miriam Adelson

Miriam Adelson is a renowned publisher of Israel Hyom and the widow of casino giant Sheldon Adelson. Post her husband’s death, she owns a stake of 50% in the casino Las Vegas Sands. With this, her estimated net worth equals $27.5 billion earning her the laureate of the world’s richest women.

Top 10 Richest Women
Top 10 Richest Women

Mackenzie Scott

Former wife of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, and philanthropist, Mackenzie Scott is the world’s richest woman. Following her divorce from Bezos, she received 4% of stakes in Amazon which made her wealth rise to $43.6 billion.

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Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars inherited her fortune from her late grandfather and founder of M&M and brands like IAMS and Pedigree. At present, she is the 18th wealthiest woman in the United States with a fortune valued at $31.7 billion. She has also garnered the position of 48th richest person in the world.

Susanne Klatten

Sussane Klatten is the world’s richest woman with a net worth of $24.3 billion. She is of German descendency and owns 19% stakes in the automobile company, BMW. Sussane inherited this fortune from her late parents who were partners in the automobile company.

Iris Fontbona

Iris Fontbona features in our list of richest women in the world with an estimated fortune of $22.8 billion. She is the widow of renowned Chilean businessman Andrónico Luksic. After the death of her husband in 2005, she became the sole heiress of the copper mines owned by her family in Chile.

Abigail Johnson

With an estimated fortune of $ 21.5 billion, Abigail Johnson stands last in our list of the world’s richest women. She is the CEO of Fidelity Investments following the death of her father. At present, Abigail owns 24.5% of the total stakes in the company.

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