Thunivu Box Office Collection, Review, Worldwide Collection, OTT Release, Day 8 Collection

Thunivu Box Office Collection: A Tamil blockbuster just broke the charts at the box office and the audience cannot get enough of it! Yes, you heard it right Thunivo is Vinoth’s director’s suspense and action movie that the box office was waiting for. The movie holds a very gripping hold coupled with the biggest names in the Tamil industry. After the release of the movie, many anticipated confusing results but the script did not fail. Here is everything you need to know about Thunivu Box Office Collection, worldwide collection, Day 6 collection, and OTT release updates!

As per the latest update, Thunivu earned 153.67 crores at the worldwide box office. Thunivu film has gained 92.10 crores net and 108.67 crores gross in Tamil and Telugu versions in India in its 8-day. This movie will showcase a story that will leave you waiting to know what happens next. With absolutely amazing direction and over-the-top VFX features this movie makes the perfect weekend watch.

Thunivu Box Office Collection

The movie is the perfect robbery and suspense-based movie that stunned the audience. The movie was released on 11th January 2023 and you will soon know why we cannot stop gushing about this movie. The movie features Ajith Kumar and Manju Warrier along with a cast that is known for their extraordinary acting skills. This film has been in the works for a while and the audience had been awaiting its release this festive season.

Thunivu Box Office Collection

Category Entertainment
Name Thunivu
Director Vinoth
Lead cast Ajith and Manju Warrier
Collection 150+ crore

Thunivu Worldwide Collection

The movie was released on 11th January 2023, opposite Vijay’s Virasu. Both the movies had been highly anticipated and ideally in cases where two big-budget films collide one of the changes the dates. But this time the two movies decide to go up on the same date and thus they decided to take the test audience’s love. And well when it comes to love and acceptance the audience did not disappoint.

Thunivu Box Office Collection

Day 1 25 Crore
Day 2 15 Crore
Day 3 28 Crore
Day 4 30 Crore
Day 5 13 Crore

The movie has surpassed the numbers Virasu had earned although both have performed well at the box office. In fact, the collection numbers are still very strong Thunivu and you might still be looking at bigger numbers on the day 9 and day 10 box office collections of Thunivu.

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Thunivu – Plot

The movie’s plot is not very difficult to be explained here but to understand what happens in the movie then you will surely have to watch the film. The film features a gangster who decides to rob a bank. Once the bank is robbed, he ends up getting caught by the antagonist, Michael Jackson. He then makes a deal with Radha the lead of the team, played by Ajith to rob another bank in return and pay him a share. Now, this is where the plot gets tricky and will be better watched than giving your spoilers.

The movie will surely leave you waiting for the next scene and by the end, you will simply be astonished. There are way too many twists and turns in the movie and the final outcome of all the games played will be amazing!

Thunivu OTT Release

Yes of course this amazing saga will be released on OTT very soon. Those who have been waiting for an OTT release can sit tight and wait. The release has already been in the works and finalized. It will be disclosed soon as to which platform will feature the movie. So if you are not able to watch the movie on the big screen worry not, you will soon see it in the comfort of your home.

Thunivu Box Office Collection
Thunivu Box Office Collection

Thunivu Box Office Collection FAQs

Which is a bigger hit Thunivu or Virasu?

Thunivu surpassed the 150 crore mark in 8 days and is earning higher than Virasu

Who has directed Thunivu?

Thunivu is directed by H.Vinoth

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