This is us Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Exclusive information and more

This is us season 7 release date: The latest season of the very popular show aired on NBC will be up again. The show features 5 five characters who hail from the same family and the events of their lives. The new season will feature some very interesting ups and downs and now that the fans are anticipating a conclusion or a show closer to a conclusion and thus there is a lot of hype about the show. Talking about the final discussions on the show, we have everything you need to know about This is us season 7 release date, cast, trailer, and many more insider updates.

The unique storyline of the show has always been an engaging phenomenon for the viewers. The storyline features a couple and their three children who have been traumatized by the same event and deal with it on the timeline of their life. As life goes on for these individuals, we can be assured that there is character growth followed by emotional growth and versatility. Shows like this have a way of connecting to the audience and their real selves. This is one such absolutely relatable and lovable show. Keep reading ahead to know everything about the show’s new season.

This is us Season 7 Release Date

Looking back over the last six seasons, the show has managed to retain the audiences in a way no show can. This has been because of the love and support this show has gotten for its very attractive storyline. The storyline of the show features some super interesting and yet relatable and as we go further in this article we will try to share everything with you but surely make sure you do not get any spoilers.

This is us Season 7 Release Date Overview

This is us season 7 release date

Name This is us season 7 release date
Category Entertainment
Season 7
Release Date January 2, 2024
Platform NBC

This is Us Season 7 New Episodes

Here we are providing full details about the upcoming season.

Number in Overall Number in Season 7 Date
107 1 2nd Jan, 2024
108 2 9th Jan, 2024
109 3 16th Jan, 2024
110 4 23rd Jan, 2024
111 5 30th Jan, 2024
112 6 20th Febr, 2024
113 7 5th Mar, 2024
114 8 12th Mar, 2024
115 9 19th Mar, 2024
116 10 26th Mar, 2024
117 11 2nd Apr, 2024
118 12 9th Apr, 2024
119 13 16th Apr, 2024
120 14 23rd Apr, 2024
121 15 30th Apr, 2024
122 16 7th May, 2024
123 17 14th May, 2024
124 18 21st May, 2024

This is us season 7 – Will it happen?

The sixth season of the show was a very big hit and gardened a lot of support and had a lot of people following the show. The end of the show was very fun and emotional and one can say if the show ended here, they would be happy! So here is the detailed status of the upcoming or can we say no upcoming season?

Well, the tea is that the new show might not air and this shows ends in the 6th season itself. The viewers are also pretty satisfied as after the final season the end made everyone happy and felt more like a conclusion. So then neither are viewers asking for more as they are scared that the final season kind of was very satisfying and if there is anything more the new show makers might ruin it.

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However, as per insider updates no matter if there is an issue or not, the makers are planning to release a new season. So all of you anticipating worry not. Your favorite show is not going to get ruined. Here are two ways your favorite show will move forward hereon:

  1. Firstly, it might be a prequel that will move ahead and the show as per season 6 will be considered ended. But the prequel will bring back some of your favorite actors. As per what we believe, this can be the best way to take the show forward with love and honesty. Now with the advent of the season of a prequel, it can be a short cut to a win-win situation if nothing else.
  2. The show gets a redefinition now. As per the new season, there is a chance that the show will be recreated with a similar tone but a new storyline. The new storyline will be centered around new characters and the very popular theme of the show is to remain the same!
This Is Us Season 7 Release Date
This Is Us Season 7 Release Date

This is us season 7 Release Date FAQs

When will This is us season 7 be released?

This is us season 7 will release in 2023 but the date is not confirmed

Who will be in the This is us season 7?

The cast of the show is still not confirmed.

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