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The Voice UK 2024 Audition: The Voice UK is an internationally loved singing reality show. There are many who leave their fates to this show when it comes to making it big as a singer. This has never been untrue as many participants have been able to become the biggest stars in the world. The Voice UK 2024 Audition is all set to start where contestants audition their way into the show to compete.

The Voice UK 2024 Judges always gain popularity with their interesting comments. The judges of the show keep changing, we have the final judges of The Voice UK 2024 which will be shared further in this article. The Voice UK 2024 Start Date will depend on when the auditions end however since the audition is aired on television the show will already start entertaining soon. As we move further we will share all the details on the Voice UK 2024 Audition Sign-Up and much more. Keep reading to find out!

The Voice UK 2024

The Voice UK 2024 will be the 13th season of the show. The show is always one of the most popular options when it comes to reality singing shows. Some of the biggest names that came from the show included Andrea Begley and Jermain Jackman. These singers have had stable and very comfortable careers in the UK music industry and beyond. As we know that getting into the show business is so tough, but with reality shows like The Voice people get a chance to get in.

The Voice UK 2024 Audition

The Voice UK 2024 Audition Overview

Name The Voice UK 2024 Audition
Category Entertainment
Streaming Channel ITV
Judges Anne Marie, Olly Murs, and Sir Tom Jones
Start Date March 2024
Link to Apply

After the last 12 seasons, the show’s yearly updates have become a ritual for all the people of the country. There are many who simply wait to watch to show every year. There is other who try their best to audition and get and it also takes some people a few tries. However, the audition process is very stringent and there are thousands who apply to get in a chance to join the show. The top 10 compete in the show over a span of time and get eliminations based on voting. Yet again, if you are loved on the show winning is always not a requirement.

The Voice UK 2024 Judges

The Voice UK Season 13 will be judged by Anne Marie, Olly Murs, and Sir Tom Jones. Not even blink an eye these are some of the biggest names in the UK Music Industry and if they give you a chance your career is set. The show biz can include many events followed by personal albums. Every year a certain price money along with an album contract is provided to the winners. This is a simple ticket to boost the career of each person who has won heart.

The judges’ names shared are finalized as per the show’s team however if any changes are updated, we will share them with you.

The Voice UK Start Date 2024

The Voice UK 2024 Start Date will be in March 2024, as the people are currently engaged in the current season the next one will be out by next year. The show usually comes out in March of every year. the Timeline does not change. The show also lasts for about three months including the audition episodes. In fact, the audition is one of the favorite episodes of the audience.

The episodes are aired on the weekend on ITV Channel. You can also find the links to watch this show and stream it online.

The Voice UK Schedule 2024

The show’s schedule has not been released at the moment. The show’s schedule will usually include the details on the upcoming episodes, judges, backstage clips, where the show is conducting auditions at the moment, and more.

The whole schedule is out by the time the audition dates are finalized. The Voice UK 2024 Schedule will be out by December 2023. All the people who are excited to apply for the show can gear up. There are thousands who are seen rallying for the interview and we are sure you guys are all deserving!

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The Voice UK Sign Up

The Voice UK Sign Up is done to apply for the show’s auditions online. As you all know that everything is done online these days and thus even the ability to go to the audition is provided after you all sign up.

The Voice UK Sign-Up Eligibility is mentioned below:

  1. all the applicants must be above the age of sixteen years.
  2. The under-age applicants will be supervised by a parent or guardian
  3. All identification documents including proof of address, SSN, and other paperwork will be deposited
  4. Only citizens of the United Kingdom are allowed to participate

All the requirements correlate on certain levels and this is very important for all the applicants to know. First of all, you need to be a UK Citizen. Anyone who is not from the country cannot apply and other requirements will need you to prove this.

The Voice UK 2024 Audition
The Voice UK 2024 Audition

The Voice UK 2024 Audition Process

  1. The Contests need to apply at the for the application for an audition
  2. You can choose the location as per your closest possible area from the given preferences
  3. The contests can upload a video online of them singing and showcasing their talent
  4. You will be invited to the show based on these clips for a further round of audition
  5. Once you appear on the stage, the judges will not be able to see you
  6. As you sing, they will have access to a buzzer and if they like what you are singing, they will press the buzzer.
  7. You need a minimum of two of our three judges to press the buzzer for you and hurray you would have made it
  8. Once the final contestants are selected, these contestants will participate in the show as they race to the finale
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