Tehran Movie Release Date, John Abraham, Cast, Budget, Storylines & More

Tehran Movie Release Date John Abraham, Cast, Budget, Storylines & more details will be shared with you in this post. A new Indian action and thriller movie Tehran is coming out in 2023. It is directed by Arun Gopalan, and the script was written by Ritesh Shah and Ashish Prakash Varma. John Abraham is the main actor in the movie. Lots of viewers are really looking to watch Tehran, but they don’t know when it will be released yet. If you’re also excited about this movie and want to find out when it will be released. Let us now discuss Tehran Movie Release Date in India and we will tell you more details about this too.

Tehran Movie Release Date

Movie Name Tehran
Release Date Mid-2023
Country India
Genre Thriller, Action
Main Cast John Abraham, Manushi Chhillar, Hadi Khanjanpour
Production Companies Bake My Cake Films, Maddock Films
Category Entertainment
Language Hindi
Budget 70 crores INR
Writers Ritesh Shah
Director Arun Gopalan

Tehran Movie Release Date Update

A new Indian action movie called Tehran will be released on Mid 2023. People are really excited about it because it’s directed by Arun Gopalan and written by Ritesh Shah and Ashish Prakash Varma. The main actor is John Abraham, and the movie is supposed to have lots of action scenes and dramatic moments.

Tehran is being produced by Bake My Cake Movies and Maddock Films, which have made lots of other popular movies. Fans are hoping Tehran will be just as good, and are really looking forward to seeing it.

We don’t know too much about the plot of Tehran yet, but people think it will be exciting and keep them interested. Some people are even hoping for a romantic comedy with their favorite actors. People can keep up to date with the latest news about the movie by following updates online. Everyone is really excited about the release of Tehran in just a few months’ time.

Tehran Cast Name with Photos

Tehran is a movie that has many famous actors from different countries. The main character is played by John Abraham, a popular actor and producer from India. Manushi Chhillar who is a former Miss World is also in the movie.

Cast Name Role Played
John Abraham Lead character
Manushi Chhillar Role undisclosed
Hadi Khanjanpour Afsar
Madhurima Tuli Wife
Allon Sylvain Syed Ali
Adam Karst Tamir
Desmond Edwards Mossad Officer
Ido Samuel Yusuf
Toby Osmond Fahad
Taz Singh Role undisclosed
Kal Sabir Senior Journalist
Arnob Khan Akib Role undisclosed
Amir Tabrizi Karim Valayati
Nigel Billing Israeli Diplomat

Other actors who play important roles in the movie are Hadi Khanjanpour, who is a famous actor from Iran, and Madhurima Tuli, who plays his wife. Allon Sylvain, Adam Karst, and Desmond Edwards are actors from different countries who also have significant roles in the movie.

The cast also includes actors from Bangladesh and the UK, like Kal Sabir, Arnob Khan Akib, and Nigel Billing. With so many talented actors from different countries, Tehran is sure to be an exciting and entertaining movie for everyone who watches it.

Tehran Storylines (Plot)

Tehran tells the story of the Russian-Ukrainian War and is said to be based on real events. It’s an action-packed thriller that takes viewers on a journey through the world of international politics. John Abraham, the lead actor, says the movie is about current global issues.

Although the plot hasn’t been fully revealed, the creators say it’s a drama full of action and investigation, inspired by true events. It promises to be an exciting ride, with John Abraham playing a major part. The film explores complex geopolitical issues like the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, China and Iran’s roles in the conflict, and how Palestine fits in. It’s a thrilling and fascinating look at international politics.

Tehran is a powerful movie that explores important global issues that are happening right now. The film has many famous actors and actresses exciting action scenes and a complex story. It’s likely to be a popular movie that people will be discussing for a long time.

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Tehran Latest Updates

Tehran is an upcoming Indian action thriller movie directed by Arun Gopalan and written by Ritesh Shah and Ashish Prakash Varma. Starring John Abraham as the lead actor the film is based on true events and promises to be an adrenaline-fueled ride full of thrilling action sequences and dramatic moments.

The movie, produced by Bake My Cake Movies in collaboration with Maddock Films, is set to hit theatres on Mid 2023, which also happens to be Republic Day in India.

Tehran OTT Release Date and OTT Platform

Tehran will first be released in movie theatres and later on an official OTT platform. However, it’s still unclear which OTT platform will be streaming the movie. After its theatrical release, an official announcement will be made regarding which platform has acquired the rights to Tehran.

Tehran Release Date
Tehran Release Date

Where to Watch Tehran Online?

Once Tehran is released, you can watch it on an OTT platform, which is a streaming service that you can access from your home. You’ll be able to watch it a month after its release in theatres. Watching movies on an OTT platform means you can enjoy them online. You can also choose the video quality that works best for your device and internet connection, from 360p to 4K.

We don’t know the exact release date but it will definitely come in Mid 2023. Keep checking our article for the latest updates on when and where to watch it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tehran

When will Tehran Release?

The Tehran will be released in Mid 2023.

What is the Budget of Tehran?

The budget of Tehran is approximately 70 Crores INR.

Who are the main cast in Tehran?

John Abraham and Manushi Chhillar are the main cast in Tehran.

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