Tax Refund Incheon Airport, Best Airport Travel Hacks! Airport Procedures and Tax Refund and How to Claim it Immediately?

Tax Refund Incheon Airport: You can now claim a Tax Refund at the Incheon Airport when you shop for over 30,000 Korean Won in Seoul. Basically, shopping never got better and we are trying to share all the special updates on this new scheme launched by the Incheon Airport. In this article have gathered all the information regarding the Tax Refund Incheon Airport. Make sure you read through to know about this amazing scheme and all those who are currently planning to get on board with the scheme will find all their answers here. Here is the proper detail about the Best Airport Travel Hacks for May 2023.

Airports can become a shopping hub for many people especially when it comes to the duty-free stuff you get there. Now when you add that with a tax refund that might just become your favorite shopping destination. The Tax Refund at the Incheon Airport comes with many options. As you all know that Incheon Airport has all the trending shops and stores which will basically help you get on board with all the special shopping you need to do. So, make sure that you check and track these details quickly before you have your next stop at the airport. Since again we know that getting a chance to shop regularly at an airport isn’t that easy!

Tax Refund Incheon Airport

The Tax Refund Incheon Airport is not just a simple tap-and-pay scheme and there are some details that need to be kept in mind when it comes to this scheme. It is only for people who travel via the airport and you cannot simply visit and avail of the shopping refund. Your documents which you submit at the time of refund will be checked properly and if you get a proper clearance only then you will also get the refund. Those who are wondering how they will need to clarify the documents or even showcase if you are not from Korea then we have the answers.

The refund is for all those who shop at the airport so if you are a foreigner visiting here even then the way is clear for you! The scheme is not limited to residents and the natives and thus it opens so many doors for everyone. Make sure you track and check and always read the various instructions which follow. You can visit the official site to get a better knowledge and we will link the same below for your better understanding. Just make sure that you have cleared all the required details and you are all set to get a head start!

Tax Refund Incheon Airport Overview

Name Tax Refund Incheon Airport
Category Finance
Airport Name Incheon Airport
Benefit Tax Refund
Amount 30,000 Won
Country Korea

How to get a tax refund at Incheon International Airport?

The process is so direct and you can get an immediate refund it is actually not believable at times. The airport of course understands that such a cannot be very well centered if they have to give the benefits to the people in the state. So they have tried to come up with a system which will allow all of you who shop at the airport to claim a refund directly from that airport itself. The process is simple and the place you shop from be it any store or anything in the airport you will be provided with relevant details on your refund right from that store itself.

  1. The first step is to shop your hearts out at the airport and cross a limit of 30,000 Won. While this might seem a huge amount but anyone who is planning to spend on a phone or laptop can simply get this money spent on one simple product. And this is why all the leading stores and brands like Apple and Samsung have opened their stores there
  2. Secondly, once you are done shopping you will be provided an income tax form. This form is your key to your direct refund make sure you keep it safe and carry your goods with you outside the store along with the bills for the products you have bought
  3. Fill out the form properly and add all the relevant details which will be required in the store and this step needs to be taken care of very properly. As you know tax refunds get delayed with a simple error so take some time and fill it out.
  4. Now go to the customs clearance department and show the form and make the relevant submission of documents and proofs as required. As you do this step the department will start working on an instant refund transfer and this will take about an hour to reflect in your account. All the products that you have purchased will require proof of bills and thus a list is to be shared with the department.
  5. Finally, wait for an hour and your refund will be in your account right away!

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Incheon Airport Refund Guidelines

  1. Make sure that you check all the details with regard to the form submission that you need to do at the airport. This is important for all the people who are making a submission and needs proper care and caution
  2. Now fill up the form with your genuine details very smartly and double-check them
  3. You will need to save and secure all the bills you have purchased in the shopping spree and make sure the total must be over 30,000
  4. Visit the airport an hour before as the whole refund process plus the shopping process takes time. So, calculate how much time you might take shopping plus one hour for your refund. As once you leave the airport you will not be able to get a proper redressal and it’s best to deal with all this right here.
Tax Refund Incheon Airport
Tax Refund Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport Tax Return Counters

Incheon International Airport has many tax counters which are open. Once you all have shopped you can visit the custom clearing counters and submit the form. the form will be provided by the official board and you can check about the same on the site! The counters will process your refund and it is going to take an hour to show in your accounts. It will be based on your expenditure so we sure think that the Incheon International Airport is the next best destination to shop!

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