Tax Refund Claim 2021, How To Claim Your 2021 Tax Refund (If You Haven’t Already) 

Tax Refund Claim 2021: Are you still awaiting your Tax Refund Claim 2021? Your efforts might be futile. Within 21 days of filing, more than 90% of tax refunds are processed. You must thus become more aggressive in your search for your lost funds if your government check or direct transfer is still unpaid over a year after the filing date. Find out what’s happened to your refund, identify any issues that may be holding it up, and learn how to expedite the process of receiving it by following the instructions below. 

Tax Refund Claim 2021 – How To Check Your IRS Refund Status

You must know your Social Security or taxpayer-identification number, your filing status, and the precise refund amount that appears on your tax return. You can take advantage by using the IRS’s online Where’s My Refund? service or its mobile app IRS2Go to monitor the status of your refund as soon as four days after electronically filing your tax return. Due to extensive processing delays brought on by COVID-19, if you submitted on paper, you would need to wait at least four weeks and maybe up to six months. 

Your refund will be displayed on the IRS’s digital tracker as being in one of three stages: return received, refund approved, or refund mailed. As soon as your refund request is granted, you should see the date it will be transferred if you selected direct deposit as your method of payment. It may take a few weeks for status changes on mailed refund checks. 

How To Get In Touch With The IRS If You Haven’t Received Your Refund

Lisa Greene-Lewis, a CPA and tax expert for TurboTax, advises contacting the IRS now even if they ask that you only try to call them when their computerized tracker instructs you to for assistance with refund concerns. Greene-Lewis advised calling to confirm that the company has actually received and processed your tax return.  On Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time, people can get assistance from the IRS by calling 800-829-1040. Call 800-829-5500 if you are a business. 

Seeing that it’s filing season right now, you might have to wait a bit to speak with an agent. The IRS advises that Monday and Tuesday are the busiest days, so if at all feasible, call later in the week. Avoid calling the automated refund hotline at 800-829-1954 because it only provides refund status updates for the year 2022. 

What To Do If You Still Haven’t Got Your 2021 Tax Refund?

Digital filers who are still waiting ought to check their mail for any correspondence from the IRS. Although the IRS often prefers to communicate by mail, you’ll probably find out by mail if there is a problem with your return that is preventing it from being processed, such as an error or missing data. 

The IRS advises that you re-file your return, preferably electronically, if you submitted your paper return more than six months ago and the Where’s My Refund feature does not indicate that the IRS has received your information.  

You must call the IRS directly to find out the reason for the delay and restart the process if you haven’t received a notice or if you fixed any errors months ago. 

Those who used a tax preparer should ask them for help as well. This is due to the fact that tax professionals have access to a different IRS support line where they may get progress updates and address issues with their customers’ tax returns that self-filers are unable to access. 

Common Reasons Why Your Refund Is Delayed Or Late

If not, your delay may be caused by the kind of tax benefits you claimed or a mistake you made when filing your return.  

For paper returns that are mailed to the organization, the IRS currently takes at least six months to complete them. So, the paper backlog may be to blame for your delay if you requested an extension and sent your finished tax return by the new Oct. 17 deadline. 

Certain Tax Credits Receive More Scrutiny

The scrutiny of tax returns that claim the Extra Child Tax Credit or the Earned Income Tax Credit is more stringent than that of returns that do not. Even if you were among the first to submit your return in January, the IRS is not permitted by law to process refunds earlier than mid-February. This will allow them more time to identify issues or fraud, which is more likely to occur with these kinds of returns. 

Some 2021-Specific Tax Credits Caused Confusion

Many people are confused about the Advance Child Tax Credit and how to balance the money they received prior to applying for the credit with what they should claim and report on their return, according to Gary Chapnick, a CPA, and partner at CantorChapnick in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It was a calamity for the IRS since so many people either reported it incorrectly or not at all.  

According to Greene-Lewis, mistakes like claiming the wrong amount for the Recovery Rebate Credit, also known as the third stimulus payment, or the Advance Child Tax Credit are also causing a delay in the filing of many 2021 tax returns because both IRS employees and taxpayers have had difficulty understanding the special tax rule changes that were according to 2021. 

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For Missing Details: Call Back-And-Forth Communication

Additionally, common errors like omitting signatures and Social Security numbers could be to blame. When this happens, the IRS will either request more information in order to make the necessary modifications or will send the tax form back for you to edit and resubmit. 

Suspected Fraud & Theft Identity Investigation

The process of making a return could be substantially hampered by fraud and even identity theft. If the IRS has already forwarded your return to a fraudster who filed using your personal information, you could be in for a real nightmare. 

The IRS advises utilizing security software with firewall and antivirus protection, multi-factor authentication, and strong passwords to assist avoid identity theft (not “password”). 

Tax Refund Claim 2021
Claim Your 2021 Tax Refund

Your Tax Filing Never Made It To The IRS

Paper filers are more likely to have this problem because it is possible that your paper return got lost in the mail system. Possibly more, perhaps? Your file was simply never received by the IRS. Yet, it’s possible that you didn’t file your tax return electronically or that your tax preparer misunderstood who was responsible for doing so. 

Before submitting a second 2021 tax return, you should check with the IRS to make sure of this. Alternatively, they might mark the second version as fraudulent, adding to the delay in processing refunds.

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