Suzume Movie Release Date in India, Latest Updates, Cast, Plot & More

Suzume Movie Release Date in India, Latest Updates, Cast, Plot, and more details will be discussed in this article. Makoto Shinkai, a famous Japanese animator, and filmmaker, recently released his latest work Suzume. This new anime has been getting a lot of attention since it first came out in November 2022. And now, there’s even more exciting news from the Suzume team that’s making Indian fans even more excited! Keep reading to learn about the release date and how to book tickets for Suzume no Tojimari in India. Let us now discuss Suzume Release Date in India and we will tell you more details about this too.

Suzume Quick Overview

Movie Name Suzume no Tojimari
Release Date April 21, 2022
Director Makoto Shinkai
Producer Noritaka Kawaguchi
Writer Makoto Shinkai
Production Company CoMix Wave Films
Platform Theatrical Release, OTT Platform
Languages Japanese
Cast Nanoka Hara, Hokuto Matsumura, Eri Fukatsu, Shota Sometani, Sairi Ito, Kotone Hanase, Kana Hanazawa, Matsumoto Hakuō II, Ryūnosuke Kamiki
Genre Anime, Drama, Romance
Running Time 90 minutes
Category Entertainment

Suzume Release Date Update

For fans in other cities, The official release is on April 21st to see it on the big screen. We’re excited to watch Suzume too and we’ll share our thoughts on the movie soon. That’s all the news about the release of “Suzume no Tojimari” and Makoto Shinkai’s visit to India. If you’re an anime fan in Mumbai, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the beloved filmmaker and celebrate this movie with him.

Indian fans of anime had to wait a while before they could watch the beautiful visuals of this movie, but they finally got the chance to see it at pre-release fan screenings in big cities. The official release date for Suzume in India was also announced.

Is Suzume No Tojimari Released in India?

The Japanese movie Suzume no Tojimari has been released in India on 21 April 2023 through PVR Cinemas, similar to Demon Slayer To the Swordsmith Village movie. In addition, there will be a special premiere event in Mumbai on April 20th with the movie’s director, Makoto Shinkai. You can find out more about this event and the movie by reading this article.

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Suzume Cast Name with Photos

The voice cast of Suzume no Tojimari includes some talented actors who brought their characters to life in both Japanese and English versions of the movie. The main character, Suzume Iwato, is voiced by Nanoka Hara in Japanese and by Nichole Sakura and Bennet Hetrick when she was young in the English version.

Another important character Sota Munakata is voiced by Hokuto Matsumura in Japanese and Josh Keaton in the English version. Tamaki Iwato, Suzume’s mother, is played by Eri Fukatsu in Japanese and Jennifer Sun Bell in English. Minoru Okabe, a key figure in the story, is voiced by Shota Sometani in Japanese and Roger Craig Smith in English. Rumi Ninomiya, Suzume’s classmate and friend, is played by Sairi Ito in Japanese and Amanda C. Miller in English. Chika Amabe, another one of Suzume’s classmates, is voiced by Kotone Hanase in Japanese and Rosalie Chiang in English.

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Suzume Iwato Nanoka Hara Nichole Sakura
Sōta Munakata Hokuto Matsumura Josh Keaton
Tamaki Iwato Eri Fukatsu Jennifer Sun Bell
Minoru Okabe Shota Sometani Roger Craig Smith
Rumi Ninomiya Sairi Ito Amanda C. Miller
Chika Amabe Kotone Hanase Rosalie Chiang
Tsubame Iwato Kana Hanazawa Allegra Clark
Hitsujirō Munakata Matsumoto Hakuo Cam Clarke
Tomoya Serizawa Ryūnosuke Kamiki Joe Zieja

Suzume Storylines (Plot)

Suzume is an exciting story about Suzume Iwato, a high school girl who dreams of searching for her mother in a ruined neighborhood when she was a child. She tells him about an old onsen resort nearby, and they both go to explore it. Suzume finds a door standing alone on its frame, but she can’t open it. She picks up a cat statue that turns into a real cat and runs away. Suzume gets scared and goes back to school.

At lunchtime, Suzume sees a blaze-like column coming from the onsen site, but nobody else sees it. She goes back to the resort and finds the man trying to close the door. Suzume helps him, but they cause damage to the town before they succeed in closing the door. The man, Souta Munakata, tells Suzume that he travels around Japan locking doors in abandoned places to prevent a giant supernatural worm from causing earthquakes. The cat from the resort is a keystone, and the worm was released after its removal from near the abandoned door.

Things get more interesting when the cat appears again and turns Souta into a three-legged chair. The cat runs away, and Suzume follows them to a ferry headed for Ehime. Suzume and Souta team up to save the world from the “worm” by locking doors in abandoned places across Japan.

Suzume OTT Release Date and OTT Platform

The movie Suzume will first be released in theatres, and later on, you can watch it on an official streaming platform. However, there is no news yet about which streaming platform will show it. Once it’s done showing in the theatres, the movie will be available on a popular streaming app.

Suzume Movie Release Date
Suzume Movie Release Date

Where to Watch Suzume Online?

If you’re looking to watch Suzume online, you’ll be happy to know that it will be available on an OTT platform after it’s released in theaters. According to the latest updates, the movie will be available for streaming on OTT one month after its theatrical release.

One of the best things about streaming movies on an OTT platform is the convenience of being able to watch them online. You’ll have the option to watch Suzume in a range of quality options, from 360p to 4K. While the exact release date for the movie is still unknown, it’s expected to be available very soon. Keep an eye on our article for the latest updates on when and where you can watch Suzume online.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Suzume

When will Suzume Release?

The exact release date of Suzume is 21 April 2023.

Who are the main cast in Suzume?

The main cast in Suzume includes Nanoka Hara as Suzume Iwato, Hokuto Matsumura.

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