Strongest Pokemon Ever 2023, List, Names, Top 5 Strongest Pokémon of All Time

Strongest Pokemon Ever: We have all heard the term Pokemon now and then and to be very honest for many people this is what defines childhood. The term Pokemon might have been associated with an animated being or should we say hundreds of animated beings. And for the 90s kids, we always had a special place in our hearts for Pokemon. We all watched all the cartoons and shows that featured Pokemon and we know you have thought this question multiple times, who is the Strongest Pokemon Ever? We know the answer and we are here to share it.

Talking about pokemon do you all remember purchasing those little pokemon balls which had small pokemon toys inside of them? They are still a hot seller in many countries and now they are being created by such reputed brands that even sold for thousands of dollars.

This extra information is simply to share with the hype the word pokemon carries and there is so much that takes forward the legacy of pokemon with them, we love our Pokemon and fandom here we surely hope to match up to your expectations when it comes to sharing the results with you. Keep reading to know about the powers of the top Pokemons, the latest shows to watch, and all the important episodes which you might want to watch!

Strongest Pokemon Ever

Pokemon are animated characters but off late there has been so much which adds to the franchise of these characters. The game Pokemon Go is such a popular game that it has now brought together the world. When it was released kids and adults alike came together to find the Pokemons on the streets.

Many went to different heights and all the ones who found those Pokemons got a chance to participate in the online tournaments in which the best ones won. At this point, these tournaments hold the livelihood of many and this is why Pokemon are not just animated cartoons but the markers have turned them into a legacy.

Strongest Pokemon Ever Overview

Strongest Pokemon Ever Overview

Name Strongest Pokemon Ever
Category Gaming
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List of top 5 As shared below
Strongest Mewtwo

While the world has always a special place in their hearts for all the Pokemons and many jokes around associating their personality with them we also need to know that there are only a few of them which are powerful on their own self and the use of any storyline has never been able to defeat these characters.

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With this being said we have cut short a list of the 5 most powerful Pokemons which will be numbered on the ranking board. For all wondering, no Pikachu barely makes it to the top 15 so your favorite little guy has not made it this time but maybe she gets more powers we will see something to change the Rankings altogether.

Strongest Pokemon Ever List 2023

1.     Mewtwo
2.     Mew
3.     Arceus
4.     Rayquaza
5.     Lugia

Powers of the Strongest Pokemon

We know you all were in a little state of confusion as to what had happened when you these names and there are chances that you do not know about these Pokemons as some of them only appeared very rarely in the whole timeline of the animated series. This is why it is important to know why these top the list and why some of your favorites are not here. However, if your favorite Pokemon is captured in the list maybe it is time to download Pokemon Go and find your buddy.

Top 5 Strongest Pokémon of All Time

We know that there has been speculation on how does rate these characters and what if a character has some hidden abilities and what will we do then. Well, it is simple if the character develops and there are clear developments with age in each character we will update our list. You can rely on us, we are very big fans and geeks! If the list is being created by our team it is only the best and most trustworthy.


This one has Ash’s back and ever since he came into Ash’s life the player completely won tournaments all over the state. We know this because MewTwo has a huge height and also the ability to control minds. This isn’t general and actually can have chances to make your game all the more worth it.


The cutie that has the ability to defeat any Pokemon with is. There should be a saying that you should never judge a Pokemon by its Looks and this is Mew is the perfect example of the same. Mew can become invisible and once he does this and he plays the best tricks on you. He is very smart too!


This one doesn’t just have a name that sounds old-aged, he is also one of the oldest and the most strong Pokemon ever. He is from ancient times and can stop time. He has the ability to disappear as well. A fight between Mewtwo and Arceus will be a game to watch and we hope that airs soon in the latest Pokemon episodes.


This one might be new to you all who remember the show since their childhood. We understand guys and it is okay to not watch shows when you end up in jobs but maybe a little break will be good for you. Go ahead catch up and while you are doing that let us tell you this Pokemon was introduced in the 3rd gen video, can fly, and has some cool attacking skills.

Strongest Pokemon Ever
Strongest Pokemon Ever


This one might be new to you if you have only watched the show and not played the Nintendo version of the game of the show. Let us tell you that lUgia is the god of the see and his ability to make the sea shout with storm and calm is what makes him the strongest.

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