Stimulus Checks – Eligibility, Worth, Married Couples, How to Track My Stimulus Check 2023

Stimulus Checks: The Covid – 19 Stimulus Checks were introduced by the United States to provide relief to families suffering economic loss due to the pandemic. The Stimulus Checks 2023 are now being provided to all taxpayers as a refund on their tax payments. The Stimulus Checks Eligibility criteria provide a refund to a certain important group of society that needs extra attention. While the state was planning to end the provision of the checks, the possibility of the upcoming inflation and recession triggered an outburst again.

Let us read about the various important details that you need to know as a tax filer in the USA. If you have children, you will be provided with the Advance Child Tax Credit benefit under the IRS Checks. The Advance Child Tax Credit is an income tax return provided to families who file together and showcase the provision of having dependents in the family.

The families are given a sure-shot tax refund after certain rounds of background checks, the amount of the stimulus depends on the taxpayer’s income tax amount along with a fixed sum of $500 dollars. As we dive into the details of the IRS Fourth Stimulus checks which are currently being distributed to the people of the country, keep reading to know everything!

Stimulus Checks

The following table of an overview of the Stimulus will give you access to all the relevant details including eligibility, dates, important links, and more. As we dive further ahead into the article we will try to share all the important steps to apply on the site as well. Keep reading as we share all the important details on the fourth edition of the Economic Impact Payments.

Stimulus Checks 2023 Overview

Stimulus Checks Overview
Name Stimulus Checks 2023
Category Finance
Organiser US Government
Year 2023
Income Tax Eligibility $150,000 or less
Last Date For Filing 17th April 2023
Payment Type Economic Impact Payment
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The payment structure is divided into three categories of single filers, couples, and families with children. The state has created a different structure for each group and they are actively trying to make sure that each category is provided with the best relief possible based on their income tax amount.

The payment structure is focused on the single understanding that the higher you earn, the lesser you are eligible for the economic impact payment. As the name suggests the economic impact payments are designed to help the middle class or the low-income groups in society, and a universal application will not be possible for this structure.

Single Filers

The single filers have a certain limit amount which makes them eligible for the stimulus payments in 2023. As we move forward, we will share a table on the possible refund amount you can receive with your income tax filing based on the rules of the state as well. Thus, this is the state-provided eligibility which can be different for different states, considering the budget.

Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Payment
$75,000 or less $500
$75,001 – $87,000 $500 – ($5 for every $100 above $75,000)
$87,001 or more Not eligible for payment

The maximum limit to attain the IRS Stimulus Forth Instalment is $150,000, so if you are filing for this amount or higher you will not be eligible.

Married Couples

Couples who are married usually file taxes together as the income tax benefits increase in the same manner. This also allows your threshold for IRS Checks to grow. So below we are sharing a table that shows the income along with the economic impact payment amount.

Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Payment
$150,000 or less $1,200
$150,001 – $174,000 $1,200 – ($5 for every $100 above $150,000)
$174,001 or more Not eligible for payment

Those who have children can avail of the Advanced child credit payment as well, which is $500 per child you file for. However documental proof and proper background checks will be conducted and can even cause a slight delay in your payments. The same is applicable for anyone with dependents that need to be filed and the payment amount will be $500 per dependent as well.

Eligibility For Stimulus Checks

Since the pandemic, the eligibility criteria have changed for the economic impact payment. With each round, the state has tried to create the structure according to the need of society and thus the people who are currently filing for the checks need to make sure that they are eligible at the moment.

Below are the criteria for the IRS Forth Stimulus Checks 2023

  1. Filing taxes in the US in 2023
  2. Is a citizen of a valid resident of the state. The goal is to analyze that the certain person is either drawing income or availing the state structure for the past financial year
  3. Within the $75,000 limit if single or $112,000 if married

If you fall within this criteria you will receive your stimulus payment within 7 – 8 weeks, however, if you want to track the updates on your payment you can log in to the ‘IRS Where is my Refund’ Portal.

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What will be the worth of Stimulus Checks?

The following table shows the refund amount for the IRS Refunds State Wise in the USA

State IRS Refund
Alaska 3200
California 1500
Delaware 1500
Florida 300
Georgia 450
Hawaii 250
Idaho 600
Illinois 975
Indiana 325
Maine 975

How to Track My Stimulus Check 2023?

You can track your Forth Stimulus Check through the following tracking process:

  1. Login to the IRS Where is My refund portal here
  2. Enter your social security number or tax filing number
  3. Track your update, the portal is active only 24 hours after you file the taxes
Stimulus Checks
Stimulus Checks

What Can You Do with Stimulus Checks?

You can use your IRS Refunds to increase your savings to manage your expenses. These days due to so many issues people have lost savings and are not able to create an account for student education as well. Thus the government simply wants you to stay stable on your income backup.

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