Social Security Card Replacement, How to Replace, Process to Replace Your Card! Latest Updates

Social Security Card Replacement: If you have lost your social security card the process to get the same back is fairly simple and does not involve many complications. However, Social Security Card Replacement is not necessary if you have your number as the data is always available on every portal of the state. Since this is a bare minimum need for all citizens and the most valid identity proof you will be getting a free replacement of your social security card without hassle. As we move ahead we will be sharing the details on how to get a social security card replacement in a simple process, keep reading to know more. Latest updates by the State on SSN

Social Security Card Replacement

Social Security Card Replacement: Your SSN is your key to getting all the social security benefits and it acts as proof of your identity and all the details you choose to call your own. This is why the social security card is an extreme requirement, while having your SSN number does the job in most areas, having the card also holds strong value.

While knowing that the SSN Card is extremely important and no one would lose the same without any natural or accidental cause, you will still have the access to the social security replacement card if you seem to have lost yours. You can access our overview box below to read about all the details on the social security replacement card and how to get a new one!

Social Security Replacement Card Overview

Social Security Replacement Card

Name Social Security Card Replacement
Category Finance
Country United States
Official Website
Link to Access
Timeline 2 – 3 Weeks

How to Get a Replacement Social Security Card?

Getting a Social Security Card Replacement is simple and can be done through the official portal using the following steps:

  1. Visit, this is the official link which will direct you to the official site that manages all the social security aids for the state
  2. On the home page see the option to the link which says ‘Replace Your Card’
  3. Once you enter this link you will need to click on the option to ‘Request a Lost of Stolen Card’
  4. Now you need to share your details including your Social Security Number
  5. You can also edit and update your current information, provided you share the required documents
  6. And, all done your request for replacement is confirmed

What do I need to get a Replacement Social Security Card?

You will need the following details for the Replacement Social Security Card:

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Immigration Status
  3. Work Authorisation
  4. If changes are required, add the documents providing proof of the same

After sharing all these details you need to fill the form F – 1 765 or Form I – 485, these details need to fill out without an error and need your latest data. The forms are not complicated and all you need to do is enter all your official details. So make sure you have them handy!

How do I get a Replacement Social Security Card?

The process to get the replacement is simple, you will need to share your identity proof, immigration status, and work authorization on the official portal. The replacement application will provide you with the required details and your card will be sent to your mail after the verification timeline.

How to Get a Replacement Social Security Card

If you lose the Social Security Card, you will still have your SSN number and it will always be a great way for you all to access your data and also apply for the various benefits available to you. Social Security Services are always free for everyone and thus you need to make sure that you are fooled by someone who is securing that they can get you the card available for the money. The replacement of the Social Security Card is always a free service provided at

How Long Does it Take to Get a Replacement Social Security Card?

The time to get a replacement for the social security card is 14 days. You will get the card in your mail and your application can be made through the online portal. Thus the process is very simple and all your need are some basic requirements of your identity proof which are shared above.

If you experience a delay in the process of the card then it is normal, as long as you get it within 2 – 3 weeks. This usually happens when you require additional changes and the departments need some time to verify your information on all levels. So worry not your replacement card will be sent in the stipulated time.

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If there is a delay in receiving the replacement social security card, you ideally contact the user service as the last resort. The steps to contact the service center

Social Security Card Replacement
Social Security Card Replacement

Replacement Social Security Service Number

For all those who have applied for a replacement of their social security card, you can log in to the portal which will help you guide you to access the service center. Steps to contact service at the Social Security Portal of the US:

  1. Drag to the bottom of the page
  2. Click on the contact us option
  3. The link which opens will have all kinds of options through which you can find either call, email, or write to them

Finally, if nothing helps you can locate the office in your locality and get in contact in person. The Social Security portal is active on all working days during working hours. This will be a great getaway for those who are awaiting their social security card on an urgent basis as well.

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