Sisu OTT Release Date 2023, OTT Platform, Cast, Budget, Plot & More

Sisu OTT Release Date 2023, OTT Platform, Cast, Budget, Plot and more details will be shared in this post. The movie is out in theaters and people want to watch it online too. We have some details about its online release, which we’ll talk about today. The movie did well in Theatres and got good response from the audience. We’ll tell you about the Sisu OTT Release Date 2023 on an online platform.

Sisu OTT Release Date 2023

The action movie Sisu got really popular after it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2022. The movie got amazing reviews and fans are really excited to see it on OTT. The movie will be released on 16 May 2023 on OTT platform. It has famous actors in it, like Jorma Tommila, Mimosa Willamo and Onni Tommila and the story is really exciting and interesting.

Jalmari Helander is the director and also wrote the story for the movie. Sisu is about a Finnish soldier who goes on a dangerous adventure to find his missing sister. It has a lot of action and the scenes look really cool. Petri Jokiranta produced the movie and it’s already really popular in Finland. People all around the world are waiting for the ott release of Sisu and which platform it will be available on.

Sisu 2023 OTT Official Updates

The movie is finally available for Streaming on Amazon Prime Video OTT app. It is directed by Jalmari Helander and produced by Petri Jokiranta, Sisu is an action-thriller that tells the story of a Finnish soldier searching for his missing sister. With an impressive cast including Jorma Tommila, Mimosa Willamo, Onni Tommila and more, the film promises to be an exciting watch for viewers.

Details of Sisu OTT Movie

Movie Name Sisu
OTT Release Date 16 May 2023
Language English
Genre Action Thriller
Cast Jorma Tommila, Mimosa Willamo, and Onni Tommila
Director Jalmari Helander
Category Entertainment

Sisu Budget and Box Office Collections

Sisu was made on a budget of 50 crores. This makes it a relatively high budget movie, indicating that the filmmakers spared no expense in creating a quality production. The good news is that Sisu’s high budget paid off as the movie performed well at the cinema raking in impressive box office numbers.

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Now viewers who missed the chance to watch Sisu in theatres can look forward to its release on ott. The movie’s box office success is a testament to its thrilling storyline, stunning visuals and talented cast, including Jorma Tommila, Mimosa Willamo, Onni Tommila and others. With the movie’s release on ott, audiences can now enjoy the action film online.

According to rough data Sisu collected ₹0.11 crore on its first Friday and ₹0.14 crore on its first Saturday at the Indian box office. The Sisu box office numbers are not very high and may not have had a wide release in India. With positive word of mouth and good reviews, the film’s box office collection is good.

Sisu Storylines / Plot

The story is set during a war in Lapland in 1944. A man named Aatami Korpi finds a lot of gold while he is exploring. He decides to go to nearest town to sell it but he runs into a group of soldiers led by a man named Bruno Helldorf. These soldiers are very cruel to the people in the area and have taken some women captive. When they find out that Aatami has gold, they try to kill him and his dog. But Aatami fights back and kills all the soldiers. Bruno then chases after Aatami in his tank. Aatami sets off an explosion to get away and ends up hiding in a petrol station.

While Aatami is hiding he realizes that the town has been burned down and there is no one around to help him. Bruno finds him again and hangs him from the petrol station’s sign, taking his gold and leaving him to die. But Aatami manages to survive and gets a pilot to fly him towards Bruno and his soldiers. They have a big fight but Aatami wins and dumps his gold at a bank in Helsinki.

Sisu Ott Release & Platform
Sisu Ott Release & Platform

Where to Watch Sisu Online?

If you’re looking to watch the upcoming action thriller film Sisu online, you’ll be pleased to know that it will be available on Amazon Prime Video app from May 16, 2023. It will not be available for Streaming with a Subscription but you can still watch it by Renting or buying it on Amazon Prime Video. To watch Sisu on Amazon Prime Video you’ll need to download the app on your smartphone or visit the Amazon Prime Video website.

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FAQs on Sisu OTT Release

When will Sisu be released on the OTT platform?

The Sisu movie will be released on 16 May 2023.

What is Sisu OTT Platform Name?

The OTT platform for Sisu is Prime Video.

Who purchased OTT rights for Sisu?

Amazon Prime Video is the OTT rights for Sisu.

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