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Selfiee Release Date: Selfiee is one of the most talked about new releases in cinemas this month. We are sure you are excited about the movie too as it captures some of the most interesting actors in the industry and the hype about the script has been equally high. With all these new upcoming developments in the movie, we are here to share special insights ourselves as well. Make sure you put up the details on your checklist about Selfiee Box Office Collection, Budget, Release Date, and More.

With the era of OTT, we need to make sure that the new and upcoming release of the movie in cinemas gets its much-needed collection! The new and cooler release of the show has been our primary target and this movie will be our most important talk of the month. The month has been full of surprises and with the release of Selfiee in the month everyone is ready to see Akshay and Imran together on the big screen. This very movie had been in the works for a while and with the timings of the stars not matching it was not filmed immediately.

Selfiee Release Date

Now talking about the release of the movie and the world is waiting to see Imran back in the big cinemas! The movie will have him playing the role of a cop and father. We all know the story of Imran’s son and how he bravely fought cancer. As much as we showed him our support, we will also make sure that Akshay gets his set of appreciation. After all, Akshay is the king of action and this time, he will be playing a role he personally associates with the most, a STAR!

Now that we have shared enough of the details and the plot of course will be shared further in this article we will now share the details on the upcoming new release for you all. Know that this one will be released in February and will be going against Kartik Aryan’s Shehzada! Kartik is another star of the show who will surely make it big in the industry and now that his movie will be released soon, we cannot seem to understand what happens when these two absolute winners collide. Yet we surely know the audience will in no way let the weaker script win here.

Selfiee Release Date Overview

Selfiee Box Office Collection Overview

Name Selfiee
Category Entertainment
Release Date 24th February 2023
Cast Akshay Kumar and Imran Hashmi
OTT To be announced

Selfie Collection

The movie is yet to be released but considering it is not the highest-budget movie in Bollywood there has been a prediction of a 40-crore collection. This collection is considered the average collection at the moment the global collection with the OTT rights is still being discussed.

Selfiee Trailer

We know you all were thrilled about the cast when the movie was announced. And now we are all equally waiting to get a hold of the new trailer of Selfiee which was recently released. The trailer shares the script of the movie and portrays Imran and Akshay head-to-head against each other. While the former plays a cop the latter plays the role of a big star. We all were wondering how these two could in any way do these roles in the same movie and that it didn’t make sense. Now we see how it does make sense.

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Selfiee Plot

The movie is set in a world where Akshay is a big-time movie star. Imran portrays the role of a simple cop who has a loving family and he loves his son. He and his son are absolute fans of Akshay and are indeed waiting for a moment to get a selfie with him. One day they do get the chance when Akshay has to come to the police station to get his driving license picked up. This is where they see the real face of Akshay and he humiliates Imran. After this moment there is a constant tussle and the two come face-to-face with each other.

We love the idea of this script and we do not know how it will turn out but we are sure excited about this one. These kinds of movies have not been released on the big screen for a while and after Pathan’s success, we think there is a chance that seeing our dearest stars will help us get back to our cinemas now.

Selfiee Release Date
Selfiee Box Office Collection

Selfiee Box Office Collection FAQs

When will Selfiee release?

Selfiee is all set to be released on 24th February 2023

Is Selfiee a remake?

Yes, the movie was originally made in Tamil and now has been remade in Hindi

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