School Holidays in January 2023: Schools to Remain Due to the Cold Wave

School Holidays in January 2023 have begun, and the cold wave has taken its toll thus making this the vacation period. Although every year there are prescribed leaves in January, however his time in 2023 due to severe cold the government has made measures to shut the school down for the month of January. All the government schools have been closed shut and the private schools have been issued an advisory to take similar measures. Read this article ahead to know more about duration, government plans, and more about the school holidays in 2023.

School Holidays in January 2023 Highlights

School Holidays in January 2023 Overview
Country India
Prescribed Holiday Dates 1st January – 23rd January
Category Winter vacations
Other Holidays Provided in the article
Year 2023

School Holidays in January

The end of December and the beginning of January is always the season of peek cold weather. This is similar to the heat wave faced by people in summer during June. Northern India faces extreme weather conditions in every season and thus the peak time of every season be it winter, summer or monsoon is a difficult time for the school kids.

This year the winter season did not start on a great note, however, now the temperatures are decreasing from a minimum low of 7°C to an average maximum high of 18°C. Thus since some schools have been taking their time to announce the vacations government has intervened and issued an advisory to regulate the vacations in private schools, and the government has also declared vacations in government schools.

Government School Holidays in January 2023

1 January 2023 – Sunday – New Year
14 January 2023 – Saturday – Makar Sankranti
15 January 2023 – Sunday – Pongal
26 January 2023 – Thursday – Republic Day
22 Jan 2023 – Sunday – Weekly Holiday
29 Jan 2023 – Sunday – Weekly Holiday

School Holidays Announced

School Holidays in the schools are specific to different batches, while the primary batches get vacations timely, and the senior batches have to attend extra classes. The students who are to be appearing for board exams are supposed to take up extra classes in the coming days. This is important due to a huge load of board exams, and the faculty also comes in extra days to make the students have the required training.

Now that the cold wave has taken up government has decided to prioritize health before anything else. They have planned to shut down schools and announce vacations for all. All the extra faculty appearing has also been advised to only take up classes till the vacation period and that the schools will remain closed due to the cold wave. This has been a very helpful step to take the necessary precaution in this weather.

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Government Holidays – January 2023

The first month of every year begins on a happy note with everyone enthusiastic about a fresh new start and students are in their comfort of homes relaxing. As the exams approach closer, this much-needed break acts as an energy boost for students. This is the time of the year that gives you the chance of taking fun trips with family and friends and start the year on a good note. January is always a month filled with holidays and we are sharing some of the key holidays you need to note down to plan your time off.

The 1st of January 2023 is a Sunday, thus you will for sure be starting the coming year on a chill note. Followed by Makar Sankranti or Lohri on 14th January 2023. Makar Sankranti is usually a designated holiday in South India. Additionally, Pongal is falling on 15th January since it is a very relevant festival in Tamil Nadu, therefore many will be getting two holidays together this year. Republic Day, India’s first national holiday of the year is celebrated on 26th January and is falling on a Thursday this year. Sending a subtle hint to anyone who wants to plan a Thursday – Sunday vacation for this one.

School Holidays in January 2023
School Holidays in January 2023

School Holidays in January 2023 FAQs

What is the duration of the School Holidays in January 2023?
The ideal duration is from 1st January 2023 – 14th January 2023, subject to the weather conditions these may change.

Is Jan 2nd, a school holiday?
Yes, 2nd Jan will be a school holiday owing to the winter vacations.

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