Rishi Singh Indian Idol Biography, Age, Education, Family and Net Worth

Rishi Singh Indian Idol Biography: The winner of Indian Idol season 13 Rishi Singh is all the hype now. We are now talking about the one man who made everything on his way side-line to get this trophy. Rishi Singh is a young man and is now one of the emerging and more talented singers in the industry. India Idol is the star that entered the cinema arena and completely changed the game for us. This article is about the Rishi Singh Indian Idol Biography! And as we share further we will tell you about Rishi Singh’s Age and Education. There is so much you do not know about him, read this article to find out.

Every time the show starts airing the audience sits tight looking at different contestants and finding favourites. This year many became the popular choice but the goal is to become a critical choice as well. The singers and their personalities in Indian Idol Season 13 were amazing but nevertheless, there was so much more that people looked forward to as the finale got closer. The final decision stays in the hand of the audience who votes for their favorites and in a country like India there is never enough votes you guys!

Rishi Singh Indian Idol Biography

The man himself Rishi Singh was one of the most popular contestants on the show. He is only 19 years of age and lives singing. His love for his parents is showcased through the different clips that went viral on social media. He is said to have owed everything to his parents and always thanks them for how far he has come. He is a sweet gentleman and this is why his personality caught the charm of many. Let us look into the details of the Indian Idol 13 winner through the overview box below.

Rishi Singh Indian Idol Biography
Name Rishi Singh Indian Idol Biography
Category Entertainment
Father Rajinder Singh
Show Winner Indian Idol Season 13
Prize Money Won 25 Lac
Age 19 Years
Belongs to Uttar Uttar Pradesh

The winner was announced as Rishi this year there were other contestants who had their eyes on the trophy as well. The problem is that the people who were involved in different aspects of the show had their own opinions and after the announcement, many viewers also shared their views on social media. They basically expected a different result and even more different much more deserving contestants. While the judges and thousands of voters disagree, we will share some more details on this as we move forward!

Rishi Singh Age

Rishi Singh is 19 Years of age. This one person who had it all at the Indian Idol Season 13 finale will soon be the one who will make the changes for everyone. The Indian music industry is all set to welcome him with his own album which will be shot soon. He is a sweet boy who still has a lot to learn for sure but we cannot agree more that he has a lot in store for himself as well. He has got the happy push he needed and by winning the finale he also wins a grand prize. Just everything to start in the city of Mumbai!

Rishi Singh Indian Education

Rishi Singh is a student of the Cambrian School in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh. In college, he joined the Himgiri International Institute where he learns music as well. He has been a decent student who was never popular for being mischievous in school. Rishi was always active in competitions and programs where singing was involved. He was the star singer of his school and now the star singer of the country, life happens fast. The more you get to know Rishi the more you can adore him and that’s exactly why he made it to the finale.

It’s not about the fact that he won, it is about the fact that he completely changed the course for many youngsters in the city. Let us look at more details as we proceed further. As must understand by now that this boy’s journey is nothing less than an inspiration!

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Rishi Singh Indian Family

Rishi Singh is the son Rajendra and Anjali Singh. He has showcased immense love for his parents and owed the two his whole success. He even gave his trophy to his father. The same support and love can be seen in the eyes of the parents as well. They adore their child and we are sure even if he had not won the competition we would still be their favourite’s, young man!

Rishi was adopted by the couple as a young child. They did not have their own and then Rishi came into their lives. When Rishi found out about it his parents did everything to tell him as a child that he was loved to the core. Today they all feel that that family came together by the will of God. He is pampered and supported entirely; his father says that he never knows that his son was so talented until he expresses his desire to dedicate his life to music. Now that the world knows who he is, he his and mother is still here as the biggest cheerleaders of their young Rishi.

Rishi Singh Net Worth

Rishi is a very young and budding singer now. His net worth is not very high and since he actually gained adulthood a year ago there is a chance this question can be better answered in three to four years. These years will give him a chance to shine and that’s when we know there will be a huge number in this article. As for now, Rishi earned 25 lac and he is thriving all the way!

Rishi Singh Indian Idol Biography
Rishi Singh Indian Idol Biography

13th Indian Idol Winner Rishi Singh

The show was Judged by Neha Kakkar, Vishal Dadlani, and Himesh Reshamiya. The three judges gained popularity for their own tactics in the show and completely ruled the whole time. The show will come back again next year with a new bunch of contestants and probably an interesting new judge! We congratulate Rishi Singh on the roaring success of Indian Idol Season 13.

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