Republic Day Parade: 2023 Booking, Time, Venue, Programs

Republic Day Parade: This year the Republic Day Parade will be extra special for all the viewers. In the past couple of years, the parade happened but many were not able to attend due to the pandemic and had to stay back. Now we are finally in the era of a pandemic-free life, enjoying public gatherings feels like a blessing. Let us tell you everything about Republic Day 2023 and share the details on ticket booking, time, venue, and more. We have provided you with the external links that will be required to book your ticket right away, so what are you waiting for, keeping reading!

Republic Day Parade 2023

Republic Day is celebrated in India on 26th January of every year. This year is marked as a special day and on this day the constitution of our country came Indian force. This day symbolizes the existence of a free India that became a democratic nation. The leaders from all over the country along with all the high-ranked professionals gather together to see the parade comprising of different state designs and is simply a beauty to watch. To make this day even better, the parade is open for all the people of the country to gather and watch live. It is also telecasted live on television for everyone to view.

Republic Day Parade Overview

Republic Day Parade Overview

Country India
Festival Republic Day
Date 26th January 2023
Parade Location Kartavya Path
Ticket Booking Online (link shared below)

Republic Day Parade Online Tickets

This year the government has opened gates for all to book tickets online. The hassle-free option of booking tickets online will allow many people who have been interested to join in on the parade. The parade is an early morning event that usually ends by 12 PM. The people who have gathered to watch come from different parts of the country and take up a seat right from 5 PM in the morning to simply catch a seat. However, this year they can join in on their own time and can simply book tickets at this link

Republic Day Parade Ticket Prices

The Ministry of Defense is currently handling the Republic Day planning and is working its best to make the day a more sorted and calm day for the people. All the preparations are for the teams from different states, forces, and many more who will come and showcase their work.

The Ministry of Defense has arranged the ticket booking portal online and has rolled out three types of tickets that can be bought from this site.

  1. The first is the ticket that can be bought for INR 20, which will be simple and comfortable for all. This price range is for people from low-income groups and will help you simplify the whole structure.
  2. The second structure is the pay rate of INR 100, these seats will be placed at a more comfortable location.
  3. The third option is a more VIP option where the fee is INR 500. You can avail of this option if you want to experience the parade from close and right in front of you.

Republic Day Parade – Programs

The Republic Day Parade starts at exactly 10:30 AM. It is conducted in the presence of the PM and the rest of the leaders and eminent personalities. The parade displays acts by the forces namely the army, navy, and air force. There are state-wise acts always followed by the young children doing acts in groups like NCC. At the end of each parade, the air force showcases its air movements with its fighter jets.


Republic Day Parade
Republic Day Parade

Republic Day Parade FAQs

Where will Republic Day Parade be held in 2023?

Republic Day Parade will be held on the Kartavya Path

Where can I book tickets for Republic Day Parade?

You can book tickets for Republic Day Parade at

Official Website

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