PS2 OTT Release Date, OTT Rights & Platform Details

PS2 OTT Release Date: We all love period dramas but not every movie can bring us the thrill and feels of a back-dated environment. While there are only a few period dramas in Bollywood that have always ruled hearts. PS1 was one such movie that won the hearts of the audience with the perfect script and an even more intriguing cast. While the country loved the movie as a whole, the idea of watching Aishwarya Rai opened our hearts again. There are many details in this section we now going to share about PS2. Keep reading this article if you are always awaiting the PS2 OTT Release Date, cause have the answer!

While there are many movies that have followed the idea of period dramas, PS1 and PS2 are clearly some of the best ones ever made in India. The story of Ponniyin Selvan 2 is a classic set in the era of 900 AD. This timeline was so unexplored and while there are many on the Mughal Dynasty and more, this movie shares what acted as the origin of all the history that we know of. The intricacies of the story and outstanding cast have won hearts now in the second part as well. PS2 review was surely on track and everyone who has seen the movie is praising it.

Now that we are all excited to see movies on OTT in the comfort of our homes, we are sure we need to know about the PS2 OTT Release, and here in this article, you will have your answer.

PS2 OTT Release Date

In this section, we are sharing all the information you need to know about the PS2 OTT Release. The OTT release 2023 of the movie will be soon and which means that you all will be able to enjoy the classic period drama and its second part on OTT. PS1 is already on OTT and thus the second part will bring in a chance for all the ones who love these movies a little extra to watch them all together. While the first part was a huge success, the second part was on its way to gaining praise like anything. Make sure you check through all the details and try to capture all the information through the overview box below. Read the article further to know about the OTT Platform in the next section.

OTT Platform Amazon Prime
OTT Rights Amazon Prime
Category Entertainment
Streaming Partner Amazon Prime
Theatrical Release Date 28 April 2023
Star Cast Vikram, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Director Mani Ratnam
Genre Action, Drama, Adventure
Language Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada
Film Industry Kollywood

Ponniyin Selvan Part 2 OTT Platform

Ponniyin Selvan Part 2 OTT Platform is Amazon Prime. Yes, the answer to all your questions and the one thing you all need to know about. This one platform already features PS1 and now it will also feature PS2. The second part of the movie will be released on the Prime platform as well. Actually, Amazon Prime is the OTT partner for both movies and they had acquired the sole OTT rights. So this one platform is all you need to subscribe to if you want to watch this movie on OTT.

Ponniyin Selvan Storyline

The movie explores the unexplored world of the Chola dynasty! This dynasty was set back in 900 AD and is more of less explored by many. The people have not had a chance to know about the different aspects of the dynasty and who all played a key role in the fall and growth of the same. The movie has been inspired by ancient relics and more to make sure that everyone who has been able to see these details got a chance to know more about the possibilities of this movie.

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The movie revolves around the family dimensions of the Chola dynasty and the Pandiya’s rebellions. The Pandiyan rebellions are shown to be on the verge of choosing their new heir. The whole world falls into chaos as the fight keeps getting chased, there are many details in this section that you can check as well on the storyline and how it continues in the next chapter. Please understand that you are all expected to understand we are not here to give you all any spoilers as well.

As the second part starts with the death of Ponniyin Selvan, we were also left on a sad note at the end of the second part. But there are many things that will make us all question that sad demise. Every little detail about his death has been mascaraed by the audience and that means that all those who are awaiting the little more input on the death. They want to explore what is still left incomplete and all of this is just a way to hope for his return and yet again that is something we still don’t know about.

PS2 OTT Rights

As the PS2 OTT Rights are now distributed to Amazon Prime, we assure you that you all will be getting a chance to watch this movie on OTT soon. PS2 OTT Release Date will be somewhere in May 2023. The movie was released on 28th April 2023, and the same is still in the halls. As we know these days movies remain in movie halls for a maximum period of one month. Since the rights of PS2 have already been released timely! Just make sure that you are in touch with all the required details and subscribe timely.

You can choose the subscription as per your choice whether you need it for a year or for a month. Just make sure that you check these details and know that the platform has too much to offer for. Just make sure that you go through with the subscription read the details and know that it is for a month or for a year and which benefits come along with this subscription.

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PS2 Reception

PS2 Reception has a big blockbuster, as we all know what matters is the basic knowledge of the actors and the people who are in the movie. Keep tracking everything you know about the variant types of openings. It is stars like Vikram and Aishwarya Rai Bachan who enter, there is no stopping the crowd and they simply know their presence makes all the difference. Just keep watching as proceed further and if there is anything that is still unanswered for you then just make sure you watch everything super soon!

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