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Pongal Wishes: Pongal is a beautiful south Indian festival celebrated in the month of January. It is the festival of harvest and lasts for four days! It is celebrated as a day to commemorate the time of the sun transiting into Capricorn. These are the days when the farmers start a new harvest keeping god’s name in their hearts. This festival is considered the holiest festival and is one of the biggest festivals in India. We know you want to share your blessings and wishes with your loved ones, here are some Pongal Wishes 2023, SMS, WhatsApp messages, and greetings, keep reading to find out more.

Bringing in the new light of Pongal and celebrating this festival will start your new ventures with positivity. On this very positive note let us start with the best festive season of the South Indian culture.

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Pongal Wishes

Pongal holds a special place in the hearts of many, this new season will open doors that you aim to open for yourself. The season of Pongal is celebrated in a very special manner. The festival is primarily celebrated in Tamil Nadu, India. The celebration is of the transition of the up-and-coming new season of the harvest and the families do their best to get the blessings of the gods.

Pongal Wishes Overview

Pongal Wishes Overview
Festival Name Pongal
Place of celebration Tamil Nadu
Country India
Date 15th to 18th January

Happy Pongal 2023

The season of Pongal is celebrated in multiple ways. This is the festive season that is visited by people from all over the globe to witness. These four days have their own kind of happy vibe. There are games like bullfighting and tug-of-war which are played all over the state of Tamil Nadu. Tug-of-war is a very popular game played by all, the game is that two groups stand on different ends of the rope, and the one who pulls toward them wins.

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Pongal 2023

The festival of Pongal is celebrated for four days every year from the 15th to the 18th of January. Like the western festival Makar Sankranti, Pongal also is symbolizing the shift of the Sun to Capricorn. This festival is celebrated in the most colorful manner.

Pongal is actually the name of a dish that is created with fresh rice and milk. This dish is placed in a very colorful and decorated pot that is the highlight of the festival. The homes are also decorated in many colors and the people spend the days of Pongal welcoming the god’s blessing to their homes and chanting prayers for them. The colors used are also created with flowers and are completely natural.

Pongal Wish Ideas

Pongal is always the time to wish your friends and family the up-and-coming festive season. We have curated some very special wishes for you to share with your loved ones.

“You add all the colors to my life, Hope you spend this Pongal happy and cheery!”

Are you drawing rainbows and flowers all over the place today? Leave some room to paint them on your life as well. Happiest Pongal with the best of blessings for you”

“Is that time of the year? The time when we smile more, laugh more, dance a lot more, eat a little too much, and obviously are happier so much more! Yes, that’s the one. Happy Pongal!”

“The dewy season of colors and dancing is here again, time to wear your best outfits and get ready to gain the sweet calories! Happy and Jolly Pongal”

When the world seems dark and low, you will find a way to make your year start brighter and better. Pongal will mark the start of your happy days, wishing you a brightly lit Pongal”

Pongal Wishes
Pongal Wishes

Pongal Wishes 2023 FAQs

When will Pongal 2023 be celebrated?

Pongal 2023 will be celebrated from the 15th to the 18th of January

Where is Pongal celebrated in India?

Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu

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