Pongal Date: Significance, 2023 Date History, Celebrations and everything you need to know!

Pongal Date: In our country, a lot of festivals are celebrated. All these festivals are the reason behind the unity of this country. Pongal is one such popular festival in India. This festival has its origins in South India and mainly it is celebrated in the State of Tamil Nadu. Every year it comes in the month of January and it is celebrated with enthusiasm for around four consecutive days.

It is celebrated for four days and it is dedicated to Sun God. Pongal 2023 is all set to come back we know you are excited to know everything about this festival. In this post, we will tell you about the Pongal Date 2023, celebrations preparations, history, and more about this beautiful festival.

On the first day Bhogi is celebrated followed by Pongal on the second day then Mattu Pongal on the third day and on the fourth day Kanum Pongal is celebrated. It is actually a harvest festival celebrated by the Tamils. Pongal is auspicious for the farmers also as on this day crops come into their homes. So, they also celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm.

Pongal Date 2023

This year this festival will be celebrated on 15th January 2023 and it’s a Sunday. The people of South India will celebrate the festival for four days and these four days are dedicated to deities. It’s a festival where a collective meal is organized by people at night. And then they celebrate the festival by hugging each other, dancing, singing, and eating meals together.

Pongal Date 2023 Overview

Pongal Date 2023 Overview

Festival Date 15 January to 18th January
Category Pongal
Four days of the Pongal festival 1. Bhogi Pongal

2. Surya Pongal

3. Mattu Pongal

4. Kannum Pongal

State of festival Tamil Nadu, South India
Year 2023

Four days of the Pongal Festival

  1. Bhogi Pongal: This festival is celebrated in the honor of the God Indra. The reason behind this festival is that without Indra rain is not possible and agriculture is also not possible.
  2. Surya Pongal: This is celebrated on the second day and on this day Lord Surya is worshiped. He is considered the protector of the whole world. An image of Lord Surya is also made on a wooden post called a kolam.
  3. Mattu Pongal: This is celebrated on the 3rd consecutive day, and on this day cows are worshipped. The events like bull run also take place at this festival.
  4. Kannum Pongal: This is celebrated on 4th consecutive day and on this day the unmarried girls pray to god so that they can have a successful matrimonial life. They pray to God while playing in the water at the river banks.

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Pongal 2023 – Celeberations

The Bhogi Pongal will be celebrated on the 15th of January 2023 and the Surya Pongal will end on the 16th of January 2023, the Mattu Pongal will end on the 17th of January 2023 and finally, this festival will come to end on the 18th January 2023 and on this day we will celebrate the Kannum Pongal.

This year it is expected that this festival will be celebrated with great love and many people are expected to be on the roads for the celebration. As this is the first time after the pandemic that people have gotten a chance to celebrate the festival to the fullest! This is going to be a beautiful time indeed.

However, be careful considering the popularity of this festival the police will be heavily deployed for the security and safety of the people celebrating this festival.

Pongal Date 2023
Pongal Date 2023

Pongal Date 2023 FAQS

When is the festival of Pongal celebrated?

The Pongal festival is celebrated usually from the 15th to the 18th of January. And this year also it will be celebrated on these days only.

Where is the Pongal festival mainly celebrated?

Pongal is celebrated mainly in Tamil Nadu which is in South India

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