PM Kisan Beneficiary List, 13th Installment Status, Date Check, 2023 PM Kisan List

PM Kisan Beneficiary List: The latest list for the PM Kisan Beneficiary list 2023 is now released. The scheme is something that turned heads for many farmers all over the nation. The scheme has acted as a source of base income on days when the farmers are not able to retain the basic income from their daily wage earnings. The condition of the small farmers in India has made the government take this move and under the scheme, 12 installments have been paid. Now is the turn for the 13th Installment in the scheme. Read this article to know more about the PM Kisan Beneficiary List, 2023 installment, date check, and more.

PM Kisan Beneficiary List

The list has been much awaited by the farmer considering his high value and all the benefits it holds. To simplify the scheme, the government provides a total of INR 600 worth of installments for the farmers, these installments can be availed three times a year. The installment is in the division of INR 2000 per installment. The farmers who enroll in this scheme are eligible to get the sum and the same is added to their bank accounts.

PM Kisan Beneficiary List Overview

PM Kisan Beneficiary List Overview
Category Sarkari Yojna 2023
Scheme PM Kisan Beneficiary Scheme
Official Site
Beneficiaries Farmers

This scheme is a very phenomenal scheme that helps farmers gain a certain backup income during the times of the year when the harvesting is not completed. Thus, helping the farmers get a chance to live a stable life. Considering the economy, the money is not a huge sum yet this is not considered as a monthly but an extra income that helps them use their expenses in the right place while feeling safe that they have a few thousand in the account.

PM Kisan Beneficiary List Installment Date

The date for the 2023 installment is not cleared up till now. The installment will be based on the basis of the coming month’s installment time. Once the installation is completed the money will reflect in the farmer’s account. Those who are wondering if there is an issue in the announcement make sure that your name is registered and that your work is properly in place in terms of papers and other documents.

It is also advisable to visit the government office and check if the list has your name and details correctly have been input on the same. Cross-check and see if the work you are doing is up to the mark and then wait for the list to be out.

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PM Kisan Beneficiary List – How to Check

We have compiled a few steps for you to check the list’s status and when it’s out then the details accordingly. Keep reading the following steps to know more:

  1. Open the official portal at
  2. You can use your mobile phone, laptop, or computer to open the portal
  3. Once you scroll down you will see the option of the Beneficiary List
  4. Click on the option of the beneficiary list and once that is opened it will ask for your details including name, number, village name, state, and district
  5. Once your details are checked at the portal and you are verified, the PM Kisan Beneficiary List 2023 will appear on your screen
  6. Now check the list properly and see that the amount is shared in your bank account if your name is mentioned on the list
  7. If in case the name is not mentioned, you will have to go to the helpline number and share the issue
PM Kisan Beneficiary List
PM Kisan Beneficiary List

PM Kisan Beneficiary List FAQs

Where can I check the PM, Kisan Beneficiary List?

You can check the PM Kisan Beneficiary List at

Who launched the PM Kisan Beneficiary Scheme?

PM Narendra Modi started the PM Kisan Beneficiary Scheme.

Official Website

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