OPPO X 2021 Launch Date, Price, Specifications, Features and More

OPPO X 2021 Launch Date: OPPO X 2021 is a highly anticipated mobile phone set to be launched in India. This article will share all the insider details with you, like Launch Date, Price, Specifications, Features, and many more. The highly anticipated launch of this mobile device from OPPO is in the works, and we cannot wait for the launch to take place now. OPPO X 2021 will stun you and all gadget freaks out there; stay tuned to learn more about OPPO X 2021 Launch Date through this article; keep reading to know more.

OPPO X 2021 Overview

OPPO X 2021 Overview
Device Name OPPO X 2021
Price INR 60,000
Launch Date Available in the article
Memory 256 GB
Article Category Technology

OPPO X 2021 – Features

OPPO X 2021 is a highly anticipated mobile phone mainly in talks for its smart features. This device has a lot of appealing features; some of the critical features are stated below:

  1. Display: It has an 18:9 aspect display for the device created for comfortable surfing and viewing. It also has a fingerprint sensor, providing ultimate comfort.
  2. Processor: It has two quad-core Kyro 385 processors. The CPUs have 8 GB Ram that fastens the device’s overall performance. In addition, the Adreno 360 completes all your graphical requirements.
  3. Battery: The device has a 3730 mAh battery that operates efficiently throughout the device; this feature enables you a big watch time or game time per your requirement.
  4. Camera: The dual camera set-up with 16 MP and 20 MP lenses makes this device the best in the market. The camera has been the factor that is causing this device to become the talk of the town, as many vloggers are planning to purchase this device.

OPPO X 2021 – Launch Date

The OPPO X 2021 has been the talk of the town, with many gadget enthusiasts eagerly waiting for the product’s launch. A lot of speculations regarding this device’s launch began with the company’s announcements, and the reason is its box features. The device comes with a 256 GB memory scope and remains expandable. It is a gamer’s dream and a vlogger’s best choice. This device is set to give competition to some of the best phones in the market. The product is set to be launched in 2023 in India; it is still available in other nations for sale but not in India.

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OPPO X 2021 – Price in India

The price of OPPO X 2021 will be around INR 60,000 and can be bought at this rate from the Indian market. The phone is set to break many records and will be android users’ dream.

Over the years, the use of gadgets and devices has increased, and the Indian sale and the manufacturing market has been life-changing. This has made India one of the biggest markets for selling and purchasing mobile devices. Soon with the launch of OPPO X 2021, the Indian market sale is a sure shot at making this one a success.

Products like OPPO X 2021 are on their way to making history in the Indian market, all thanks to its unique features. And we cannot disagree that the Indian market makes the products thrive, especially brands like OPPO and VIVO are always in demand.

OPPO X 2021 – How to Buy

The latest phone from OPPO can be bought from the official website of OPPO, wherein their products are available. For example, you can search OPPO X on the website and find the product listing.

oppo x 2021 release date
oppo x 2021 release date

OPPO X 2021 FAQs

When will OPPO X 2021 be launched in India?
OPPO X 2021 will be launched in 2023 in India

What is the price of OPPO X 2021 in India?
OPPO X 2021 will be priced at approx. INR 60,000

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