On My Block Season 5, Happening or Not? Cast, Rumors and Episodes!

On My Block Season 5: We know everything about On My Block Season 5 and these details will capture everything you need to know. As we all know there is speculation going on if My Block Season 5 is Happening or Not. Well, you will fund all the answers in this article and we are sure to share all these details with you. Let us look further into the updates and answers your questions on the more anticipated rumors about On My Block Next Season. Keep reading to find out more!

On My Block is a classic Netflix show where the lives of a few friends entangle as they together on the block they live. This show captures the classic style of friends shows where they get together and deal with everyday events from time to time. The audience has always loved such shows and this one, in particular, a lot of interest from the audience. On My, Block Episodes bring about a new story every day and we expect the same from the On My Block Season 5 Episodes as well.

As we move forward, we will share all the details on the upcoming season and how the makers plan to take the show forward.

On My Block Season 5

When it comes to sitcoms Netflix has always ruled the game. After watching our OG shows like the FRIENDS, and How I Met Your Mother, we never thought we will find more shows like them. But watching On My Block brought us back to those days when we watched our favorite shows for the first time. A bunch of guys hanging out together and solving problems as they deal with life as they move forward is just so good to watch somehow. The viewers have been devasted to know that there is no surety on the next season, but we might be able to reassure you!

So apparently, On My Block has been completely canceled for another season by Netflix but this sad news has hidden good news. You will be able to find out more about everything and find out what we can do for you. We are sure to share the details with you soon. As we move ahead, have a look at the overview box below to find out all the relevant details on the show.

On My Block Season 5 Overview

On My Block Season 5 Overview

Name On My Block Season 5
Category Entertainment
Show Name On My Block
Genre Sitcoms
OTT Netflix
Release Date To be announced

Is On My Block Season 5 Happening?

No, as for now On My Block Season, 5 is canceled on Netflix. Yet, there is a silver lining to this whole saga. The show as your fans know is a show centered around a bunch of guys who get together and simply rejoice in friendship!

However, simply taking the script forward beyond a fourth season could have completely ruined the show. And we know you all do not want to stop liking the show and neither do you want to go beyond your liking of the show. So the makers had a different idea, the concept remains but the actors and storylines can be explored right?

We love seeing the best of friends getting together on the same block but wouldn’t you want to see a bunch of girl besties doing the same? Well, what more can the makers give you at this point then?

On My Block Season 5 Episodes

On My Block Season, 5 will have 10 episodes similar to the previous seasons. That being said, we are not sure if the season will be renewed. There is so much happening on the OTT Platform at the moment that we cannot assure you that there will be a new season anytime soon. As per our understanding this time the news on the show’s spinoff will be the big blockbuster.

The last episode of the show was an emotional ride we were not ready for and it simply was the best. The character arcs were all in place and the viewers felt satisfied with how it ended. In fact, there were no cliffhangers that you can be anticipating for the finale. This basically meant that either the fifth season will be a completely new start or the show is coming to its fate.

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On My Block Season 5 Cast

In the table shared below, we will share the details of the On My Block Season 5 Cast and the anticipated cast for the upcoming season. Let us have a look at the details further. We are sure you will see the details of your favorite actors in this section.

On My Block Cast
1.     Peggy Blow as Abuelita
2.     Jason Genao as Ruby Martinez
3.     Brett Gray as Jamal Turner
4.     Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmine Flores
5.     Diego Tinoco as Cesar Diaz
6.     Sierra Capri as Monse Finnie
7.     Julio Macias as Oscar Diaz

While these actors are almost confirmed, we can also expect some new additions from the spinoff series. Keep reading to know which speculations will come true!

On My Block Season 5
On My Block Season 5

On My Block Season 5 Rumors

The fifth season of the On My Block Series is not happening as of now. Yet there are many rumors which are going around that this won on this show. This show is very much loved by the audience and the since the show has had its own glory time. In fact, the makers are planning to revamp it a little. There was a rumor as to a spin-off series of the show and yes, it’s true.

A more girl-oriented on my block show can be seen coming together soon. The actors from our favorite OG series will get back with their characters as well. Considering there is a next season for the On My Block saga but it’s not a season five right now. However, the speculation on the season has not ended. Once the spin-off airs and if all goes well, we might see a fifth season featuring a completely wholesome star cast, sounds unreal but it is on the table.

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