Netflix Upcoming Movies 2023: List of New Movies Coming to Netflix in 2023

Netflix Upcoming Movies 2023: Spring is here and if you are planning a few late nights of Netflix and Chill sessions this month, then you need to stay updated on Netflix Upcoming Movies 2023. So much is happening this month and in the upcoming months, while the viewers are awaiting the movies to be out soon. There are many shows which are being speculated at the moment like Wednesday Season 2 and You Season 4!

The biggest of the blockbuster shows had been prepared to be released in this time frame! So all the OTT viewers gear up with the release and make sure that you read the list of movies releasing in 2023. Netflix’s Upcoming Movies and Shows have been on the radar for a while now, the viewers as they are cannot wait for the release of their favorite movies and shows. Many shows had been streamlined to be out in the first half of 2023, while many others are speculated to be out in the latter half.

Wednesday became one of the most record-breaking shows on the platform which was released in November 2022, now the show is being awaited to be out again by the end of 2023. We know you guys are eager to know what is available to watch right on Netflix, so head on to the details ahead! Keep reading to find out more about your favorite shows, their release dates, and much more.

Netflix Upcoming Movies 2023

Netflix is one of the biggest OTT Platforms in the world. It is spread across continents and has something for people from all parts. Be it English language content, Hindi language, Korean language, or even more. The variations this platform offers dividing its scope into movies and web series make Netflix one of the biggest OTT platforms in the world. And rightly said this one is the reason OTT platforms exist in the world as Netflix was the first OTT platform to have ever been released!

The first half of 2023 is loaded with shows that are coming out on Netflix every day. Netflix follows a simple policy; it releases the shows mostly in their complete sense with all the episodes out at once. Yes, there are no stones left to turn here and at times based on the choice of the choice how anticipated it is they even release the show in two parts at a gap of two months. Recently You Season 4 Part 1 came out and now the second part was released on 9th march 2023.

Netflix Upcoming Movies 2023 Overview

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Latest Netflix Movies Outer Banks, Wednesday, You, The Good Doctor, Lucifer, The Vampire Diaries, Ginny And Georgia
Netflix Can be Watched Through VPN In China, Crimea, North Korea, Syria
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2023 Netflix Movie Release Date

There are many movies and shows that are being released on Netflix this year. Some are Netflix originals like YOU, Wednesday, Shadow and Bone and more. While there are many which are released through other platforms and Netflix buys the right to these movies and shows. Cirkus, Ranveer Singh’s blockbuster movie released on Netflix this month and is being rated among the top 10. There is also speculation that Squid Games 2 will be out in the coming year, however, the trailer is awaited it is still being filmed!

While there are shows that break records on Netflix occasionally, some leave an impact that stays with us forever! So let us look at what is coming your way in the coming few weeks on Netflix ahead!

Best Netflix Movies 2023

There are so many details you need to catch up on and while what we say here might not be the best of the movies for you as you guys are simply going to watch what suits your choices, there are some movies that are top-rated based on the trailer views and previous part reviews.

The most anticipated movies on Netflix in 2023 include:

  1. Havoc
  2. Maestro
  3. Everything Everywhere All At Once
  4. Murder Mystery 2
  5. Damsel
  6. Rebel Moon

While 2022 was the year of crime thrillers and documentaries including the watcher and Dahmer! These shows ruled the charts and all the viewers simply got hooked on the idea of docu-series. At the same time, Dahmer brought back the reality of Jeffery Dahmer, the man who killed like a devil and simply seemed to have started a new era of serial killer series. The copy cat killer season 1 will be out on Netflix this year as well and those who loved Dahamer will love this one a little extra too. There are many crime documentaries on Netflix at the moment and if you are a fan, we suggest you watch the Burari Murders!

Netflix March 2023 Schedule

Date Movie/Show
17th March Maestro in Blue
20th March Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7
22nd March We and Last Human
23rd March The Night Agent Season 1
24th March Love Is Blind Season 4, Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga
31st March Murder Mystery 2
6th April IRL in Real Love!

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While we all know that these details are not all which will happen this year we have limited the information to the first half only.

Netflix Upcoming Movies 2023
Netflix Upcoming Movies 2023

Netflix 2023 Schedule India

There are very interesting releases on Netflix in India this year. Chor Nikal ke Bhaga is a Sunny Khez starrer movie that will be released on Netflix soon. This one has been anticipated as similar to the very popular Andhadhun! You can watch both movies on Netflix. The platform leaves no stone unturned as they just released Class Season 1 which is inspired by the US Show Elite.

The first season completely took the country by storm making this one number-one in India for over three weeks! Stay tuned and keep visiting us to know about all your favorite movies and shows. We are trying our best to give you guys the best possible updates on your OTT releases!

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