NCR Days Season 2 Release Date, Update, When will it Release?

NCR Days Season 2 Release Date, Update, When will it release and more questions will be discussed today in this post. NCR Days is a funny and entertaining web series in the Hindi language. It recently came out on The Timeliners’ YouTube channel. The main actors in the series are Nikhil Vijay, Ambrish Verma, Heer Kaur, Raghvika Kohli, Ankit Bhardwaj, Rajat Dahiya, Manan Madaan, Purnendu Bhattacharya, and Aruna Soni. Ambrish Verma directed and wrote the series. It is made by The Timeliners and Sunstone. The first episode premiered on 19th July 2022. Let us now discuss the NCR Days Season 2 Release Date and we will tell you more details about this too.

NCR Days Season 2 Release Date Update

It tells the story of Monu Vyas and his girlfriend Nidhi. Monu is from a traditional family in Rajasthan goes to NCR for his studies and undergoes a Big Transformation. While there he forms a close friendship with a group of five people for a college project. Ncr Days bring back memories of college life and include a mix of Haryanvi language.

The show has got a rating of 9.1 / 10 on IMDB which creates excitement for the upcoming season. The first season ends on a thrilling note, leaving viewers eagerly waiting for the next part. Exciting news has emerged about the release date, suggesting that the second season of NCR Days might be released on August 2023.

NCR Days Season 2 Quick Overview

Series Name NCR Days Season 2
Genre Drama, Comedy
Language Hindi
Director Ambrish Verma
Writer Ambrish Verma
Production The Timeliners in collaboration with Sunstone
Platform YouTube
Seasons 2
Cast Nikhil Vijay, Raghvika Kohli, and Ambrish Verma
Category Entertainment

NCR Days Season 2 Cast and Crew Details

The series NCR Days have a fantastic cast like Nikhil Vijay who plays the role of Monesh Vyas and appears in five episodes of the series. Raghvika Kohli brings Nidhi who is Monesh’s girlfriend also seen in five episodes. Ambrish Verma takes on the character of Naveen Tokas and impresses us throughout all five episodes. Heer Kaur portrays the character of Seher who appears in five episodes too.

Actor Name Character playing
Nikhil Vijay Monesh Vyas
Raghvika Kohli Nidhi
Ambrish Verma Naveen Tokas
Heer Kaur Seher
Ankit Bhardwaj Arun Dabas
Rajat Dahiya Kapil Yadav
Abhishek Srivastava Pelvic Presley
Arun Kushwah Chandan

Ankit Bhardwaj embodies Arun Dabas in all five episodes, while Rajat Dahiya takes on the role of Kapil Yadav, also seen in five episodes. Abhishek Srivastava shines as Pelvic Presley, showcasing his talent in four episodes. Arun Kushwah portrays Chandan and Anusha Gupta brings Niharika to life, both appearing in four episodes. Purnendu Bhattacharya portrays the Marketing Professor and makes a lasting impression in three episodes.

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NCR Days Season 2 Storylines & Plot

NCR Days 2 is a web series that follows the life of a regular middle-class family. It focuses on a young man from a small town who decides to pursue his studies in the big city. The show explores the stark differences between his small-town upbringing and the city environment he now finds himself in. Viewers get to witness the main character facing new obstacles and adjusting to this unfamiliar city life.

The previous season highlights the clash between the traditional values the main character grew up with and the fast-paced lifestyle of the city. As he lives in the city, he encounters new people forms friendships, and goes on a personal journey of self-discovery. Ncr Days tell a relatable and captivating story that reflects the hopes, struggles, and dreams of individuals from small towns who venture into vibrant cities. It plays the main character’s transformation and how his surroundings shape his identity and perspective on life.

NCR Days Season 2 Latest Updates

NCR Days 2 is coming back this year and the latest updates reveal that the new episodes are scheduled to release in the last part of 2023. You will not have to wait too long for the upcoming season of the web series. The upcoming season is expected to bring new Surprises, exciting Storylines, Amazing performances, and much more.

Ncr Day Season 2 Release Date
Ncr Day Season 2 Release Date

Where to Watch NCR Days Season 2 Online

The New Season will be available to watch online for free on the YouTube channel of The Timeliners. You won’t have to pay anything extra to watch the latest episodes of the show. If you haven’t seen the 1st season then the entire first season of NCR Days is already available on YouTube and it’s completely free to watch. You can jump right in and get lost in the interesting storylines and the lives of the strong characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will NCR Days Season 2 be Released?

Season 2 of NCR Days will be released in Last 2023.

Who are the main cast in NCR Days Season 2?

Nikhil Vijay and Raghvika Kohli are the main cast.

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