NASA Asteroid Location 2046, Location, Speed, Size and Date!

NASA Asteroid Location 2046: As per the latest discovery NASA has found a new asteroid moving towards the earth and this one body is making the news everywhere, predictions say that it will collide with our planet on Valentine’s Day of 2046! Sounds interesting right and yet scary? Well, there is nothing as such to be scared of in this upcoming collision, however, hold yourself together as we share all the details on the NASA Asteroid Location 2046 and avoid all the possible rumors on this one.  Keep reading to find out more about the Asteroid 2046 Date and more.

NASA is one of the bodies that guard our planet against everything that comes at us from space. While we have never experienced a huge asteroid collision, the last time it happened, well the earth shattered. So as we move forward we will try to capture every detail of what is in store for the people of our planet with regard to the San Pedro de Atacama! The asteroid was found in the range of our planet, moving towards us directly on 26th February and that’s when a deep analysis ran on it.

This is going to be one of the most interesting news pieces you will read today, keep going ahead to know more about the NASA Asteroid Location and Size!

NASA Asteroid Location 2046

NASA’s Asteroid Location is between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter within the main asteroid belt! The asteroid is not anywhere close to us at the moment but there have been some discoveries that state that it will be approaching us soon in about 26 years. These details are very crucial for all of you to know since well the asteroids are what have made the dinosaurs disappear. We know you all are very excited to know about what this one can do to our planet, well if not harm the asteroids are the sources of so many interesting chemicals that are more for our planet.

It is important for you all to know about the spread of asteroids and how they might affect us. The location where the body will hit earth is not discovered but once that’s one of the people who live in those areas and there are many places where the impact might be felt will be evacuated! Thus these details decide what the position of our planet will be!

As we move further let us discuss the NASA Asteroid Location and Speed, read the overview box below to find out further.

NASA Asteroid Location 2046 Overview

Name NASA Asteroid 2046 Location 
Category Latest News
Year of Collision 2046
Name MAP, San Pedro de Atacama
Size 50 M in Diameter
Speed 24.64 KM per Sec

NASA Asteroid 2046 Speed

NASA Asteroid Speed is 24.64 KM per Sec currently. But the good news is this is fairly a slower speed compared to other asteroids. The point here is that the speed of the asteroid is relatively impactful when it enters the surface of the earth and once that happens the speed will increase for sure. At the moment if the speed stays closer to the current number there is a strong chance that the body will not reach us until 2046 and even that is not assured at the moment!

NASA Asteroid Harmful For Earth?

No, as per reports the NASA Asteroid will not be harming our planet in 2046. Many ever since the news released speculated that the body will directly collide and cause huge damage and might even destroy our planet as we know it. No, that is nowhere near the truth.

The officials at NASA stated that they find bodies in space all the time and these bodies are not always harmful. They simply move in their own directions and speed and if they cross our hemisphere then that is also very natural. A few months ago the news of a meteor passing through our planet became viral and the same did not happen, the body pass through our hemisphere but did not touch the earth’s surface.

At times these bodies come in contact with us as well and that is how we have the most precious metals we find these days! People have been very quick to draw assumptions but NASA has stated all of these assumptions are baseless and that they hold no real value and should not be supported under any circumstance as there is no need to worry!

NASA Asteroid 2046 Size

Some sources have stated that the asteroid is 50 Meters in Diameter, this is not the exact size as due to the distance of the body from the earth the scientists have not been able to find the correct size of the place. This is normal as the size of such bodies is always calculated in approximation and there can never be a fixed size of the object! The approx. size helps scientists understand how they can have an impact.

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NASA has stated that the body will be passing through our atmosphere and they even moved ahead to tweet a video about what will happen when a body passes through our atmosphere. Thus, NASA has simplified our understanding of a collision and mere passing through. At the moment,  the asteroid is predicted to simply pass through and that’s that.

NASA Asteroid 2046 Collision Location

In the table shared below we have mentioned the exact location predicted for the NASA Asteroid in 2046:

NASA Asteroid 2046 Discovery Details
Discovery Date  2023 February 26
Observatory Name  MAP, San Pedro de Atacama
NASA Asteroid Location 2046
NASA Asteroid Location 2046

NASA Asteroid 2046 Distance

The unit to measure the distance of the objects in our galaxy is astronomical units, as per these the asteroid is about 0.12 farther away from the sun than the earth. Since the sun is the center of our planet all the calculations are done with regard to its position. Take note that we are not heading toward doomsday for many reasons.

The NASA Asteroid is not news to worry about because:

  1. It is not sure if it will collide with our planet or simply pass through our atmosphere
  2. If it collides which is a rare chance it is not huge enough to cause an end to our civilization
  3. Our planet will have a minimum of 10 years to prepare for a collision and evacuate once the details are known!
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