Mission Majnu Box Office Collection, Worldwide Collection, Total Earnings

Mission Majnu Box Office Collection: Mission Majnu was released on 20th January 2023 on Netflix. The movie had already made rounds since it had the ultimate start cast. The very popular and definitely India’s crush Sidharth Malhotra along with the newest addition to the nationally loved actresses Rashmika Madana. So today after a few days of release we have all the updates on Mission Majnu Box Office Collection, earnings, the latest updates, OTT release, and more.

This was going to be the first Hindi movie for Rahsmika and she looked extremely promising. As for the movie, it is the ideal spy thriller and the audience absolutely adores Sidharth in his raw patriotic self as usual. So we have you all covered who are here for your favorites.

 Mission Majnu Box Office Collection

The release of the movie was not going to be on OTT at all and there was a big box office release planned for this one back in 2022. The date of release was decided in the first half of 2022 but that changed and got shifted to the end of 2022. While the same was almost confirmed it changed later and after months of speculations that the movie is now ready for its OTT release.

Mission Majnu Box Office Collection
Name Mission Majnu
Category Entertainment
Release 20th January 2023
Platform Netflix

Much to the happiness of the viewers who no longer have to wait for the movie to come on OTT there is an aspect of collection and earnings of the movie even on OTT.

Mission Majnu OTT Release

The movie became available for viewing on OTT on 20th January 2023. As soon as it was aired it became one of th trending Bollywood movies on the platform. The movie was amongst those that shouted patriotism and obviously was released closer to republic day 2023. Owing to the festival’s vacations there is a chance this one will be a roaring success if the script turns out promising. Worry not we will share a small review for you to decide if this is a watch it or not.

Mission Majnu Collection – Day 1, 2, 3

The movie has done average as per the reviews and is going steadily on all the platforms. The collection is as per data from relevant sources but we cannot say this will be exactly as the movie was an OTT release. Here are the collection stats for Mission Majnu Box Office Collection.

Mission Majnu Box Office Collection
Day 1 2-3 crores approx.
Day 2 5 crores approx.
Day 3 3 crores approx.
Day 4 4 crores approx.

The movie has collected approximately 15 crores and will be doing well in the coming future due to the republic day weekend. Also with the buying by Netflix, the movie has already earned over the budget and can be called a success.

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Mission Majnu – Review

So, the movie was made under a handsome budget. Sidharth alone charged over 7 crores for this one and Rashmika being the superstar herself charged a high sum of amount. So the movie obviously was bought by Netflix for a huge sum.

We are not here to give spoilers to anyone, but the movie will be a spy thriller where Sidharth Malhotra falls in love with a girl and has trouble balancing his love and work life. The movie is all about love for the country and your dear ones. Mission Majnu does fairly average in terms of keeping the audience engaged.

In a way, Netflix has created an Indian audience that will not let go now. The reason is that some of the most prominent movies from India are released on this platform.

When a few months back Darlings was released on Netflix it instantly became one of the most-watched movies in the world. This one Bollywood drama starred Alia Bhatt and could not have been better. Similarly RRR, the recent golden globe winner was also a Netflix release.

Mission Majnu Box Office Collection
Mission Majnu Box Office Collection
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Mission Majnu Box Office Collection FAQs

Where can I watch Mission Majnu?

You can watch Mission Majnu on Netflix

What is Mission Majnu Box Office Collection?

The movie has been bought by Netflix for 60 crores.





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