Merry Christmas Pictures 2022

Merry Christmas Pictures 2022: Christmas Eve is as beautiful as Diwali Eve. Just as Deepawali is the holy festival of Hindus and Eid is the holy festival of Muslim religions. Similarly, Christmas is of great importance to Christians. On this day, the believers of Christmas give gifts to each other. Santa Claus brings gifts for children. Not only this, along with Christianity, people of other religions also celebrate this festival. The Christmas tree is brought home. And it is decorated very beautifully.

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Merry Christmas Pictures 2022

Christmas eve bunny cute
when decorated Christmas tree
Santa Claus in his bag
hidden secrets

Santa took out again dear dear
Felt like the stars came down from the sky
Seeing them the children shouted with joy
Sing Christmas carols with Santa

to celebrate jesus birthday
dance and dance all night
jesus as santa
the gift of happiness has been given

enjoy the gift
live forever
From the Blessing of Jesus Mary
everyone be happy always

Merry Christmas Pictures 2021
Merry Christmas Pictures 2021

wish merry christmas
you bring love in life

festival came with gifts
children dance jhoom jhoom ke
lit candles decorated tree
Then Santa came and roamed around

the whole courtyard lit up
happiness spread all over
those who slept closed the doors
instead of santa his door

Merry Christmas Pictures 2021-2
Merry Christmas Pictures 2021-2

Merry Christmas Pictures 2022

Ran children to pick up gifts
Santa calls everyone
kids say hello
And took the love of Christmas

again with carol
dance started
smile on face
And the world began to dance

again with the twinkling stars
Then this beautiful night will come back

Merry Christmas Pictures 2021-3
Merry Christmas Pictures 2021-3

Poem on Christmas 2022

Christmas is a kind of festival of prosperity. It is believed that the eunuch comes in the form of Santa Claus and gives gifts to the children. And the children who ask God for gifts. Santa Claus definitely fulfills his wish. Children old and young all wear new clothes. Do you want to make Christmas more interesting? So you know more about Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and Holy Spirit.

December 25 is the night on which Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus. It is believed. People of Christian religion also consider Christmas day as a big day. In general, on December 22, the day is shortest and the night is the longest. And from December 25, the days start getting longer.

Merry Christmas Pictures 2021-4
Merry Christmas Pictures 2021-4

On this day people go to church and offer prayers. Makes different types of dishes. In which the cake has a very special significance for the Christian. They treat it in a very funny and interesting way.  People feed each other cakes. Santa Claus gives gifts. Actually Santa Claus Nicholas was actually a kind of saint. who used to help people. That’s why Santa Claus comes to give gifts to children.

Merry Christmas Pictures 2021-5
Merry Christmas Pictures 2021-5

There is a story related to Santa Claus. There was a poor man who had three daughters but he did not have money for marriage, then Santa Claus comes. And gold bags are kept near the chimney of the house. And the poor person who marries his daughters again with pomp.  Santa Claus actually used to help people secretly. But later people gradually came to know about this.

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