Merry Christmas Image 2022

Merry Christmas Image 2022Christmas is a very sacred festival of Christianity. Celebrated on 25 December, this festival holds great significance for Christians. On this day Jesus Christ was born. Mary was very kind and virtuous. Angel Gabriel said to Mary that you will give birth to a child. God is very pleased with you. He will be the son of God.

Mary was a virgin. She went to visit her cousin. Then after three months, she returned. Joseph accepted Mary as his wife. Mary Joseph arrived in Bethlehem. so that it can be included in the census.

Then he stayed in an inn. Where there was no room, they stayed in the Mews. That night a son of Mary was born. a healthy child. Mary had no place to lie down, so she put the child to sleep in the grass.

Merry Christmas Image 2022

Mary named the child exactly what Gabriel had told her. That night the shepherds saw an angel in the sky. She said I came here to announce that a Redeemer had been born in Bethlehem. Who was born in a horse. The shepherds go to find him and they find this boy in a stall. Where they start worshiping that Jesus. When the shepherds left, they told what the angel had said. How did you like this wish, please tell us through the comment –

Merry Christmas Image 2022
make life colorful
make you money man
Wife Bane Zee Beauty Queen
“Merry Christmas 2022”

Merry Christmas Image 2021
Merry Christmas Image 2021

Every Dream is your complete
when you celebrate Christmas
lighting the lights of happiness
love in full life
“Happy Merry Christmas 2022”

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Christmas Greeting Messages

of Christmas festival
sparkling candle lights
happiness in life
Give career new heights
“Marry Christmas”

Merry Christmas Image 2021 -2

angels descended from the sky
taking the form of Santa Claus
give the gift you want
Then by saying Merry Christmas
“Merry Christmas”

sweet evening of 25 December
Get a new identity in life
you drink the jam of fame
stay rich always
“Happy Christmas Eve”

Merry Christmas Image 2021 -3

when the Christmas candle is lit
Happiness will rain Cham Cham
all the sorrow will go away
Laherga name meaning
“Merry Christmas”

Christmas tree on Christmas day
Give money, love and sweetness
eating new dishes
May your life shine
“Merry Christmas 2022”

Merry Christmas Image 2021 -4

hi hello Santa
give your such a lovely gift
jumped with joy upon finding that
And be where I am a superhit
“Happy Merry Christmas”

Open church door
Santa brings gifts from him
Bane Jeevan Prem Parawar
Jesus do it like this
“Happy Christmas Eve”

When to sing the Christmas Carol
Zindagi Mein Baje Chang Baje Dhol
become you most precious
no one can weigh you
“Merry Christmas”

Merry Christmas Image 2021
from earth to amber
Be all your fans.
Meet whomever your Nain
Become a super man for him.
“Merry Christmas Wishes”

on this Christmas eve
Kiss me Maryam
jesus wish so
that you get the best sanam
“Merry Christmas”

Christmas Greeting Messages | Merry Christmas Wishes

this golden evening of 25
give you immense happiness
Santa’s favorite gift
get you lots of love
“Merry Christmas”

Merry Christmas Image 2021 -5

the season is christmas
So in a new gift
Found new clothes
Those who fight away from wearing
“Merry Christmas Wishes”


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