Merry Christmas 2022 Greeting Messages, Quotes & Status | Happy Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas 2022 Greeting Messages, Quotes & Status | Happy Christmas 2022- As soon as the month of December comes, people start preparing for Christmas. A few days before the arrival of this festival, people go to each other’s house and sing carols and congratulate each other. This PM News article will help you make this greeting more special. Here we have come up with the Merry Christmas 2022 Greeting Messages, Quotes & Status. Let’s first read Christmas Wishes.

If you are sending the same boring Christmas messages every year, then this year you can make your messages special. Just for this, send the heart-touching poetic Christmas wishes given further in the article.

Merry Christmas 2022 Greeting Messages, Quotes & Status

Keep love between loved ones,
Church is well decorated,
In this Christmas festival,
Keep having fun.

Santa Claus will come secretly to your house,
Precious gifts of happiness will be left,
He will fulfill all your wishes,
We will celebrate this Christmas festival with great pomp.

Christmas has come,
Everywhere the light of Jesus is a shadow,
Celebrate openly, all dance and sing,
Our beloved Christ has come among us.


Every wish will be fulfilled by trusting in Jesus Christ,
By having faith in them, you will not have to face sorrows.

No work will remain incomplete,
Jesus Christ will fulfill them,
Just keep faith in your heart
Keep the lamp of hope lit in your mind.

God gave his son to take away our sorrows.
Son sacrificed himself to keep us happy,
With his sacrifice he sanctified our souls,
We didn’t deserve his love but still loved us.

Brought you gifts of happiness,
Well decorated this Christmas house,
Waiting for you as always,
Brought cakes and candles for you too.

We have sent you a loving salute,
A message full of love has been sent in Christmas,
You will be waiting in our house,
We have sent our address in this message.

A star is shining in the sky,
A flower is blooming in the garden,
Your Christmas with the happiness past,
Such hope has arisen in the heart.


happy christmas festival
Wishing you lots of love,
May your whole family be with you on this day,
Happy festival once again.

Santa Claus will come home,
will bring you a gift,
that under your bed,
You will leave your favorite thing.

christmas day has come
Everywhere there is light and shadow,
to celebrate with us,
We have called you.

God has given me everything
have thanked me,
to share with you
given the gift of love.

get success in life,
Flowers of happiness bloom in the house,
On this Christmas festival,
Let all the lessons go away.

We have asked ourselves for your long life,
May you always be happy such a prayer has been asked.
May flowers be laid in your path,
Let the thorns of the road become dust,
whatever you want,
May it be complete this Christmas.

Was eagerly waiting for Christmas day,
The month of December has come my friend,
rejoice, sing while singing,
Because the Christmas festival has arrived.

Bring Christmas to life
increase love among themselves,
no one sleeps hungry today
Celebrate this day with joy.

You came and came out in our house,
Look, Christmas Eve has come again.

Got you a lot of love today,
Merry Christmas my friend
worship jesus christ,
All dreams will come true.

I praise you day and night,
I am lost in your worship,
Whenever I talk to someone,
I call him Praise the Lord.

May you have a lot of success in life,
Jesus Christ keep your family happy.

Merry Christmas!
I keep dancing to his tune,
He is my supreme father, I tell everyone,
Jesus Christ bless you all,
I pray like this day and night.


Jesus illuminated my world
His abode is in my house,
I am engrossed in his service,
Be it evening or morning.

Merry Christmas!
Christ illuminated my life,
Gave me a lot without asking,
I didn’t deserve his love,
Still loved me like my own son.

The gift of happiness has been brought with you,
Jesus Christ has called me to church,
On his call, I will come running,
Let me get colored in the color of his devotion.

Merry Christmas!
Take the name of Jesus Christ when you wake up in the morning,
thank them for the new day,
On this holy day of Christmas,
Say Merry Christmas to each other.

Celebrate this day with pomp,
Keep singing the praises of Jesus Christ,
Those who do not know his glory,
Go on telling them the story of Jesus.

Respect to elders and love to younger
Happy Christmas festival.

May all your troubles go away,
never bother you,
Let the thorns in your path become flowers,
May Jesus Christ have mercy on you.

May evil not be upon you,
never hurt you,
May your life be happy
Never miss anything.

May the love of Jesus Christ be upon you,
May your life be decorated with happiness.

Happy Christmas!
You get a lot of love,
May your world be filled with happiness,
Happy Christmas to you man.

Come, now let’s read the heart touching Christmas quotes.

You can take the help of quotes on Merry Christmas to wish you a Merry Christmas. In this section of the article, we have brought some of the best Merry Christmas quotes.


May this Christmas Jesus Christ fulfill all your wishes,

Whatever troubles you have, remove them one by one.

Merry Christmas my friend
I love you
never be lacking
Get so much happiness this time.
Santa Claus has brought gifts for you,
Hide that gift under the Christmas tree.
Merry Christmas!


Your arrival brought out the party,
There was happiness in my face seeing you.

Happy Christmas!
Merry Christmas,
May all your prayers be fulfilled,
whatever you want,
See you this Christmas.

With your coming, our house will be filled with happiness,
This Christmas will bring new colors in your life.
Heartily wishing you a Merry Christmas,
A clarinet of happiness in your home.

Merry Christmas!
Christmas is not a season, but it is the spirit of the people.
thank jesus christ,
Have faith in them,
Anytime you live with them,
Don’t be afraid of an evil shadow.


Merry Christmas to you and your family,
May your entire family member’s wish be fulfilled.
Never be short of money,
There should never be moisture in the eyes,
You can get whatever you want
Don’t let any of your wishes go unfulfilled.

May Christmas come again and again in your life,
Bring happiness in your life every time,
Whatever troubles have come throughout the year
May all of them be gone this Christmas.

The moon is waiting for the moonlight,
Spring is waiting for the spring,
This Christmas we are waiting for our friend.
The stars are shining in the unequal,
Flowers are blooming in the garden,
in this Christmas festival
Barry is also meeting each other.

To maintain peace and love among themselves,
To decorate your house with stars,
Christmas festival has come,
To keep a place in the church for us too.

angels will come to your house,
Will bring happiness to your home,
How much trouble do you have
They will all go away at Christmas.

cherish the dreams,
keep hope,
As long as you’re alive
Have faith in Jesus Christ.

Christmas has meaning as long as people’s hearts are connected.
What should I ask from God for you,
He has given you all
You are his favorite child
He has done you a great favor.

Don’t hide your desires
Do not distance yourself from Jesus Christ,
every day you go to church
Go there and sing the glory of Christ.

My Jesus is the greatest,
In his glory is knowledge,
Respect them from the heart,
Merry Christmas my sweetheart.

I rejoice in the melody of the Lord,
Jesus Christ – I say Jesus Christ,
i am in christmas festival
I call everyone Praise the Lord.

May success come to your door
May all your dreams come true,
If you love everyone with your heart,
Many Merry Christmas Wishes.

get success in life,
May the flowers of happiness bloom in the family,
In this beautiful festival of Christmas
Get away from all the teachings.

everyone is celebrating christmas together
Everyone is lighting candles with joy,
dancing in the devotion of Jesus,
Inviting you to join in as well.

lighting candles in the church,
Tell your sorrows to Jesus,
Will come soon to defeat them,
Just keep believing.

The church is decorated with flowers,
He has erased the sorrows,
We had strayed from the path of truth
He has brought you on the right track.

I was foolish, they made me wise,
He decorated my life with happiness.
Keep a smile on everyone’s face,
May there be happiness everywhere,
Be in your own progress,
That’s what my heart says.

Christmas is not just a festival but we all have faith.
Happiness is shared in Christmas,
I do not bring tears to my eyes on this day.

Have come to church with an empty bag,
have come to hear the glory of Christ,
He will fill our bag
We have come with such hope.

Now we will tell poetry on Christmas.

Shayari on Xmas | Merry Christmas Shayar

Everyone wishes their loved ones in the festival of Christmas. To make this special day more special, take the help of Christmas Shayari given in this article.

jingle bells are ringing,
her voice sounds sweet,
It’s Christmas festival
That’s why everyone is awake till late.

The gathering of happiness is adorned,
There are many varieties of cakes made,
in this Christmas festival
Everyone has hope in Christ.

There is one Lord, who lives everywhere,
People call him their Supreme Father.

This special festival of Christmas,
bring immense happiness in life,
May all your dreams come true,
We wish you well.

We have prayed for you Christ,
Requested to fill life with happiness.
May this Christmas bring light in your life,
May the cup of your life be filled with happiness,
You are so kind to the one above,
Open the lock of your good luck.

May the trouble be removed from your luck,
You get what you want,
Never let the time of sorrow come in your life,
May you get success in life.

take away your troubles,
give you peace and prosperity
If there’s ever a problem,
So Jesus Christ take him away.

Be kind to Jesus,
Be happy in life.
Merry Christmas!
We love you
never hurt you,
Never be sad eyes moist,
We are wishing you such a Merry Christmas.


I ask myself a prayer for you,
We consider you ours
so care,
We are afraid of losing you.

We have brought a Christmas tree, decorated it well,
A gift is hidden under it for you too.

May your future be bright
you don’t lack anything,
Get whatever you want,
May the path you go on be successful.

Destiny shines like stars,
Yes, you are the happiest person in the world.
Sometimes you remember your loved ones,
Be so close to all of you.

Merry Christmas!
Christmas is the excitement,
There is peace everywhere
Your heart is in happiness,
I am happy to see this.

Dream as much as you can, all will come true,
Those who take refuge in Christ will never cry.

Christmas is the festival, show love to everyone,
Celebrate with friends and loved ones,
Get lost in the meditation of Jesus Christ,
Receive the blessings of Jesus Christ.

keep your mind pure
Keep your body clean
It is a holy day of Christmas,
Keep your loved ones happy

Christmas has brought thousand of happiness,
Gift market under the Christmas tree
There are gifts for everyone,
May this gift be brought in your life.

To increase love among themselves,
Christmas is to be celebrated with pomp,
Today is the day of Jesus Christ,
This day is to be spent happily.

Lots of love to all,
be happy your family,
We are your well wishers,
Merry Christmas Accept.

May Jesus lead you on the path of progress,
Lead you to all great heights,
You are so kind to me,
You become his favorite son.

Christmas has come,
Everyone is swinging in fun,
Look, Jesus Christ has come to your door.
A plea has come out of my heart,
Such a wish has come out that you remain in happiness.

Happy Christmas!
Life lit up with the light of Jesus,
Your good mind engaged in every work,
Never be tight and your money should not be less.

Jesus gave me new life,
filled my life with happiness,
By giving me a place at your feet,
Removed all my sorrow.

Now end the fight,
Play the clarinet of happiness,
festival day has arrived
Merry Christmas everyone.

This time Christmas will be celebrated loudly,
Will dance himself and make others dance too,
In the joy of the coming of the day of Jesus Messiah,
We will all go in for Karol singing.

Happy Christmas to you my friend
May God give you a loving gift,
May your family be in happiness and prosperity,
Happy Christmas festival.

It is the holy festival of the Lord Jesus,
We are proud to be Christian
Christ is our everything
He is the best for us.

Jesus be with you always,
You have their hand in your hands,
I feel like having them
That’s why this life of mine is special.
When you are afraid, call on Jesus,
He will take away your fear,
With a sincere call,
He will do you good.

Read some poems on Christmas in the last part of this article.

Poem on Christmas | Merry Christmas Day Poem

Poetry is also a good medium for wishing Christmas. For this, share the poems given in this part of the article with your loved ones.

Singing Christmas songs in December,
Decorating the house of Jesus Christ,
you come with the whole family

To celebrate Christmas with us,
We are lovingly calling you,
Bringing closer among loved ones,
Forgetting old grievances,
you come with the whole family

We are calling you from the heart,
We want you to be with us,
You don’t break our hope,
we celebrate christmas
Inviting you with the whole family.

Jhoom-Jhoom Ke Nacho December has come,
The atmosphere of Christmas is everywhere,
Santa Claus has come to everyone’s house,
Brought many gifts with you,
Leave the gifts, Jesus Christ has also come to your house,
The light of Jesus is a shadow in your house,
Taking away all the trouble,
Christ has driven evil out of life.

sing the glory of Jesus,
take refuge in them,
people around
Tell me about the miracle of Jesus,
drive away the evil from the mind,
bring love to all,
Awaken the light of Jesus inside you,
Take yourself under their shelter.

Everyone is celebrating Christmas festival,
There is a crowd in the church, oh my friend,
are you ready to come here,
My whole family is waiting for you,
With your coming, the spring will come here,
Because you are also our family,
In our happiness, you also have the right,
Don’t delay now, you come my friend.

The festival of Christmas is to say thanks to Christ by lighting a candle. It is also a day to congratulate and inspire people to be like them. You too can make this festival even better by sending Christmas Quotes and Shayari with your loved ones. We hope you have a happy Christmas. Keep reading other articles on the website for quotes and poetry related to other similar festivals.

Merry Christmas Wishes 2022

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