Mega Millions Lottery Results Today: Tuesday, March 21! Top 10 Mega Million Jackpots

Mega Millions Lottery Results Today: Ever since 2002 the Mega Millions Lottery has been a key source of thrill and excitement in the United States. The Mega Millions Lottery Results Today for Sunday 21st March are also out. We know you all awaiting the results on different jackpots and we have the answers you guys are looking to get a hold on! This lottery is very competitive and millions apply for this one since it is literally available in all parts of the world. So, anyone anywhere can just get on to apply for a lottery number.

While lotteries are a game of luck, they are still a game. We also need one lucky day to make it big right? So, we do not think there is any harm in making it big in the world by winning a lottery. While the entire US participates in the Mega Million Jackpots, they all simply get together and have a great time when it comes to mega millions. Let us dive direct into the details of today’s results and if you already know the result, we suggest you read this article for sure. The Top 10 Mega Millions Jackpots are also discussed in the lottery details below.

Keep reading to find out more about the Mega Millions in the US and you might win this time!

Mega Millions Lottery Results Today

The Mega Millions of Jackpots has been predicted to win this time of the year. The last time it happened, was January 31st! Jackpots are not always too common and they do not happen on every draw. In fact, it’s only a few months in the year kind of phenomenon. We get it when it comes to winning $250 million or more, getting those numbers is always written in the stars. These details are always very rare and many simply try for years trying to make them bigger.

Mega Million Lottery is not just a place where people aim to wait cracking jackpots. There are also many times when people win the lottery which is equal to thousands in USD. And this one is an everyday scene so if you are not familiar with the kind of winnings that happen at the Mega Millions well you need to know much more. In the overview box below, we will share all the details on the Mega Millions Lottery including important links and much more.

Mega Millions Lottery Results Today Overview

Article Caption Mega Millions Lottery Results Today
Category Lottery 2023
Awards winning different types 9
Award Winning Probability 1/24
Mega millions draw day and time Tuesday and Friday at 8:00 pm
Toll-Free Number 1800-545-1510

Mega Millions Jackpot

As you know about the mega millions jackpots let us give you an overview of the numbers of the winners today. The winners are always in thousands but the higher the value of the prize, the number of people usually decreases. The highest amount won today was $20000 by just one person while over 10,000 people won the $2 lottery number. You can see how this works but as long as your amount is being compensated it’s fine!

Lottery in Amount ($) Winners
2 10,392
4 8457
8 1791
10 1055
20000 1
500 8

Top 10 Mega Millions Jackpot

The top mega millions of jackpots might be just numbers to all but the story of people whose life altered and changed for the better when luck was on their side. So, make sure if you plan to give your luck a chance you go through these details below once.

Below are the 10 biggest mega million jackpot wins ever:

Amount State Date
1.537 billion dollar South Carolina 23 October 2018
1.05 billion dollar Michigan 22 Jan 2021
648 million dollar California, Georgia 17 Dec 2013
536 million dollar Indiana 8 July 2016
522 million dollar California 7 June 2019
516 million dollar Pennsylvania 21 May 2021
533 million dollar New Jersey 30 March 2018
543 million dollar California 24 July 2018
656 million dollar Kansas, Illinois, Maryland 30 March 2012
1.337 billion dollar Illinois 29 July 2022

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Top 10 US Lottery Jackpot

  1. In California, a $1.5 Billion Power Ball was won in South Carolina. This amount was one of the biggest lotteries won in the decade.
  2. A $758 million jackpot was also won in power ball in Wisconsin, this was another big win.
  3. A $1.53 billion lottery was won in South Tennessee! Now, this was another super big win.

While the above are just a few of the biggest wins ever, we can never be satisfied by these life-altering stories.

Mega Millions Lottery Results Today
Mega Millions Lottery Results Today

How to play Mega Millions

The process to play the mega millions lottery is very simple, all you need is a good internet connection and an online payment method. The lottery shows results every Tuesday and Friday of every week. The details included in this article can help you get a chance to apply fo you do not know already.

Follow are the steps if you wish to play the Mega Millions Lottery:

  1. Visit the official site at
  2. At the top middle of the page see the option of where to play, now click on this option.
  3. A map of the US will open on your page, click on the state you want to play from
  4. On the left side of the page, there will appear an option of visiting the official site of your desired state
  5. Once you visit the state site, you can choose which lottery you want to play in
  6. Now select the lottery type, follow by entering your details
  7. Once all is done you can purchase a lottery number as per your choice
  8. Now wait until the next Tuesday or Friday (whichever is sooner)
  9. The results will be declared!

You are free to purchase these tickets from any part of the world and are not limited to just the US. However, we advise you to read the terms and conditions and if you win there are no issues in your retravel of your winning amount.

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