Matter Aera E Bike: 5000+ Price, Mileage, Specs & Pros and Cons

Matter Aera E-Bike: Since consumers have started looking for more environmentally friendly and effective transportation options, the popularity of electric bikes has been constantly rising. The Matter Aera E-Bike, which provides an eco-friendly substitute for conventional gas-powered bikes, is a shining example of this trend. We will examine the Matter Aera E-Bike, its features, and its price in more detail in this post so you can decide if it is the best option for you.

Matter Aera E-Bike

Urban and off-road riders’ needs were taken into consideration when designing the Matter Aera electric bike, which is svelte, fashionable, and very functional. It is renowned for its cutting-edge features, which make riding comfortable and provide exceptional performance and efficiency. This e-bike has drawn a lot of interest from the cycling community for its adaptability and well-made construction, making it ideal for daily commuting or off-road excursions. This article will examine the Matter Aera e-bike in more detail, including its features and price.

Matter Aera E-Bike Price and Availability

On the business’s official website, customers can currently purchase the Matter Aera e-bike. The bike costs $2,799, though shipping costs and location may affect the final price. The Matter Aera is a high-quality e-bike that delivers exceptional performance and cutting-edge features, despite the fact that this price may appear exorbitant.

For individuals who are unable to pay the whole amount up front, the company offers financing options. The Matter Aera electric bicycle also includes a one-year warranty that addresses any manufacturing flaws. The Matter Aera e-bike costs more than average but is well worth it because of its cutting-edge technology and high-quality construction.

Matter Aera E-Bike Price List (Variants)
Aera 5000 Rs.1,43,999
Aera 5000+ Rs.1,53,999
UPCOMING Aera 4000 Rs.1,35,000 Expected Price
UPCOMING Aera. 6000+ Rs.1,70,000 Expected Price

Matter Aera E-Bike Key Features and Specifications

The Matter Aera e-bike stands out from other e-bikes on the market because of its innovative features and characteristics. Below are some of the Matter Aera’s main characteristics and details:

Key Specs Details
Range 125km/Charge
Battery Capacity 5 kWh
Acceleration 6s
Motor Power 10000
Brakes Double Disc
  1. Motor: The Matter Aera has a strong 750-watt motor that propels the vehicle up to 28 mph. Excellent acceleration and torque are provided by the motor, which is housed in the back hub.
  2. Battery: The 48-volt, 14-amp-hour lithium-ion battery that powers the Matter Aera has a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge. A typical wall plug can recharge the battery in approximately 4-5 hours.
  3. Frame: The Matter Aera has a lightweight, strong, and fashionable aluminum frame. The frame is made to be sturdy enough to withstand the strains of off-road riding while remaining costly for regular commutes.
  4. Suspension: The Matter Aera has front and rear shock absorbers, which together offer outstanding shock absorption and a comfortable ride.
  5. Brakes: The hydraulic disc brakes on the Matter Aera provide outstanding stopping force and control.
  6. Tires: The 26-inch fat tires on the Matter Aera offer outstanding stability and traction in both paved and off-road situations.
  7. Display: The Matter Aera boasts a sizable, simple-to-read LCD screen that shows crucial data like speed, range, and battery life.
  8. Lighting: When riding at night, the Matter Aera’s front and rear LED lights offer outstanding visibility and safety.

Pros and Cons of the Matter Aera E-Bike


  1. Strong 750-watt engine: The Matter Aera has a strong 750-watt engine that offers good acceleration and torque, making it perfect for off-road riding.
  2. A 48-volt, 14-amp-hour lithium-ion battery that powers the Matter Aera has a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge.
  3. Good shock absorption and a smooth ride are provided by the Matter Aera’s front and rear shock absorbers, which are both equipped with suspension forks.
  4. Elegant appearance: The Matter Aera has a contemporary appearance that is both striking and practical.
  5. 26-inch fat tires on the Matter Aera offer exceptional stability and traction on both paved and off-road situations.

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  1. Pricey: The Matter Aera costs more than many other e-bikes on the market, which may prevent some riders from purchasing it.
  2. Heavyweight: The Matter Aera is about 70 pounds in weight, which makes it challenging to store or transport, especially if you live in a small apartment or have little storage space.
  3. Just only offered in black at the moment, the Matter Aera may not appeal to those riders who like a larger variety of color options.
  4. Lack of integrated lock: The Matter Aera lacks an inbuilt lock, which may be a problem for riders who live in high-theft regions, unlike several other e-bikes on the market.
  5. Matter Aera E Bike

Matter Aera E-Bike Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to ride the bike without pedaling?

The bicycle is still categorized as a pedal-assist e-bike even though it features a throttle mode that enables the rider to accelerate without pedaling.

  1. Is the bike suitable for off-road use?

Yes, the bike has features like suspension and tough tyres to tackle harsh terrain, making it suitable for both on- and off-road use.

  1. How well does the bicycle manage inclination and hills?

The bike’s 7-speed Shimano gear system and strong 750W engine can easily manage steep inclines and hills.

  1. Can you commute on a bike?

Indeed, the bike is equipped with amenities like a comfy saddle, an adjustable stem, and built-in lights for safety and convenience. It is intended for commuting and urban use.

  1. Can the bicycle be altered or customized?

Yes, the motor and batteries may be updated or replaced as required, and the bike can be modified with extras like fenders, racks, and phone attachments.

  1. How eco-friendly is the bicycle?

Absolutely, the bike is an eco-friendly and sustainable means of transportation because it has a rechargeable battery and emits no emissions.

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