Maritime Lawyer: Who is a Maritime Lawyer? Opportunities, Eligibility, Top 10 Maritime Lawyers 2023

Maritime Lawyer: The only distinction between a maritime injury claim and a workers’ compensation claim is the size of the payout for a maritime injury claim. This is due to the fact that working aboard a ship entails far greater danger than many other vocations. For this, the greater settlement makes up. Know about the Top 10 Maritime Lawyers 2023. 

If you were hurt at work and meet the requirements of the Jones Act for a seaman, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost wages (past and future), medical expenses, loss of faculties (physical and mental), any treatments or rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and other costs associated with your injury. Read more about a Maritime Lawyer! And how a few have become the Top 10 Maritime Lawyer 2023. 

What Does a Maritime Lawyer Do?

What is a maritime lawyer and what do they do? is one of the most often asked questions concerning maritime lawyers. An attorney with expertise in boating accidents and marine injuries that happen during both business and leisurely nautical activities is known as a maritime lawyer.

Not only can maritime attorneys represent wounded workers, but also those hurt in recreational boating mishaps. Lawyers for the maritime industry can draft legal documents, negotiate contracts, and manage disputes involving accidents or diseases brought on by different kinds of marine vessels or seacrafts as well as businesses that dump hazardous waste into the ocean. 

What Is a Maritime Lawyer

A branch of law that regulates nautical matters and private maritime disputes is known as admiralty law, commonly referred to as maritime law. Admiralty law regulates interactions between those who own, operate, or make use of ocean-going ships. It comprises both domestic maritime law and private international law. 

How To Become a Maritime Lawyer

Because marine law is usually very complicated, maritime attorneys should be familiar with federal, state, and international law. A maritime attorney should be informed about employee compensation, marine pollution, and marine insurance (Jones Act, to name a few topics). Additionally, maritime attorneys need to be knowledgeable about US Department of Justice anti-bribery regulations and foreign corruption laws. 

How Much Does A Maritime Lawyer Make

The average annual wage for a maritime attorney in the United States as of February 26, 2023, is $79,861. That comes out to roughly $38.39 per hour if you need a quick pay calculator. This amounts to $6,655 a month or $1,535 per week. Although ZipRecruiter lists annual salaries for Maritime Attorneys as high as $168,000 and as low as $19,500, the majority of these salaries currently fall between $45,000 (25th percentile) and $100,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) in the United States making $135,000 annually.

There may be many prospects for growth and higher income dependent on skill level, region, and experience because the average pay range for a Maritime Attorney varies substantially (by as much as $55,000). 

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Work Of An Experienced Maritime Lawyer

Simply put, a marine injury attorney helps hurt maritime workers get compensation after suffering an injury at work. However, this line of business is not simple. We assess the nature of a client’s case when they ask for our help. 

For instance, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act would almost likely provide coverage if a harbor worker was hurt in a crane accident. That indicates that rather than a lawsuit, we are dealing with a federal workers’ compensation claim. This modifies our plan. To achieve full compensation, we concentrate on proving the severity of the victim’s injuries rather than the employer’s fault. 

On the other hand, if a seaman is hurt in an unsafe situation and contacts us, we will probably develop a Jones Act case. This means that in order to obtain restitution, we will launch a lawsuit against the victim’s employer. The employer’s negligence and how it contributed to our client’s injuries will then be the focus of our strategy. 

How A Maritime Accident Lawyer Starts Working In Every Case

A knowledgeable maritime injury attorney can assist. It makes up a sizable portion of the day-to-day work the Krist Law Office undertakes for clients. For instance, we look for marine settlements on behalf of customers by 

  • obtaining visual and audio records of the accident 
  • Presenting proof of the seaworthiness of the ship or other careless circumstances 
  • completing and submitting all legal documentation on time 
  • Putting together the paperwork to be handed to the judge or the opposing party 
  • negotiating thorough and equitable settlements 
  • Defend your legal rights if necessary. 
  • Opportunities For International Maritime Lawyers 

An expert in marine law who is admitted to practice in a certain jurisdiction or nation is known as an international maritime lawyer. This specialization can be acquired directly through the supply of legal services in marine problems, or indirectly through advanced education in the field, like earning an LL.M. in International Maritime Law. It is also possible to get this specialization through both of these routes. One can even seek a Doctor of Philosophy in any area of international maritime law to get even more subject-matter knowledge.  

Maritime Lawyer
Maritime Lawyer

How To Find Maritime Lawyer Near Me

Admiralty law, commonly referred to as maritime law, is concerned with incidents, injuries, or crimes that take place on bodies of water that are used for navigation or commerce. Areas of marine law include personal injury, product liability, workers’ compensation, and business and contract law. It is essential to first determine the type of legal activity or claim you have before choosing a maritime lawyer who specializes in your particular field of law.

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