Manifest Season 5 Release Date, Expected storyline, Cast and Plot

Manifest Season 5 Release Date: Manifest is also one such television series that is very popular these days. It is actually an American supernatural drama series which has been created by Jeff Rake. This series premiered on September 24, 2018. Now four seasons have been released of the series. All of these series have been very successful and people have loved them a lot. Now, people are desperately waiting for the Manifest Season 5 Release Date. In this post, we will tell all about season 5 of the show. So, all those who are fans of this series and are interested in knowing about season 5, kindly read the whole post as we will give you some exclusive information about the latest season.

After the pandemic, web shows have become very popular and every year more and more people are joining them. These days web series are very much in trend. People all over the world love watching web series/shows on television or on online platforms. There are various platforms like Zee5, Amazon prime, Netflix, and Hotstar where you can easily watch web shows. The web shows on these platforms can be watched after paying some subscription amount which can be paid either monthly or yearly.

And you can watch them anytime based upon your convenience and they can be watched on mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. So that you have all been hooked to Manifest and the idea of the show now returning back has broken hearts, worry not we have all the details which might cheer you up a little!

Manifest Season 5 Release Date

For all those who don’t know Manifest is a television series, it premiered on 24 September 2018. The story of the series is very interesting and it is about the passenger and the crew of a commercial airline who reappears after they were presumed dead for 5.5 years. So, the story is quite fascinating and it is actually appealing to the masses. These days the fans of this show are waiting for season 5 to release. According to some experts, season 5 of the series has been canceled. We will be telling you all about this news.

Well, the reports suggest that the 5th season has been canceled, and the cancellation happens naturally when a show has more money income compared to how much it is gaining for the creators. Yet again we also know that you guys deserve to know how your favorite show ended. So currently some discussions have been going on to finalize how the show can be carried forward! As you read further, go through our overview box below before we exclusive insider updates!

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Manifest Season 5 expected Storyline

The cast of the series has given exceptional performance till now in the first 4 seasons. The audience loved the performance and they are waiting for season 5 to release desperately. In the four seasons, we have seen the story unfold in a way that it was shown that there were 191 passengers on the flight and it was learned that everyone on the flight was assumed dead.  The story was unfolding more and more in every season. And people were getting more and more curious to see further. It was expected that the series will have 6 seasons.

But in July 2021 NBC announced that manifest season 5 has been canceled. This was very sad news for all the fans as they were waiting for a long time for season 5 to release. And those who have seen the series recently were also checking every day as to when season 5 will release. Yes, there might have been a cancellation for the 5th season and it makes sense looking at the falling interest. But the makers do not plan to let the fans go in awry! They are planning to make a 2-hour conclusive movie which will complete every loose end you guys will be able to sleep in peace!

Manifest Season 5 Cast

As you all await the fifth season we know that you also know that it has been canceled. But you will get a chance to say a final goodbye in the form of a movie so all the hopes are not over yet. All the favorite actors will be coming back in this last bit. We are not here to get you all excited about the characters who have passed on in the show, just the ones whose character arcs needed to be completed will be coming in the final one showcasing!

Manifest Season 5 Trailer

NBC will not be releasing the trailer of season 5 as we have already told you that season 5 has been canceled by NBC. The fourth season of the series was the last season officially. Though many anticipated that the series will have 6 seasons, this is the update about the series right now. It came as depressing for the people who were fans of this amazing series. The cast of the series was just amazing and it includes Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Matt Long, and many more talented actors.

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The Trailer is far from out yet and that’s okay too, you guys NBC has been planning on something which is not a show and the same can take a year to create. The show was not being filmed and the movie will also take time. The script and all other production will run their course. Thus we need to give the makers more time and it also makes sense since we need a finale we are happy with and if we hurry this then we might not get one.

Manifest Season 5 Release Date
Manifest Season 5 Release Date

Manifest Season 5 Episodes

As you know that the show is canceled so there will be no episodes on the way for you! The show is a limited series and will require some extra time from you guys. It is all good and all right for you to wait. You might just get one final episode which you can call the fifth season altogether and bid your farewell!

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