Maharashtra Voter List 2023 – Download PDF ID Card, District Wise

Maharashtra Voter List 2023 release is on the way for the election season. This is your time to make the change you choose; move ahead and select your leaders. Every four years, the election gives a chance to the people of the nation a to choose their leaders, and this year is going to mark one of the most important elections in history. Maharashtra has always been a common ground of a lot of tension and politics. Read this article to learn every about the Maharashtra Voter List 2023, PDF download, ID Card, and more.

Maharashtra Voter List 2023 Overview

Maharashtra Voter List 2023 Overview
State Maharashtra
Seats 48
Voter List Status As shared in the article
Voter ID Application As shared in the article
Chief Minister Eknath Shinde

Maharashtra Voter List 2023

Maharashtra is currently under the leadership of the Bhartiya Janta Party. The state is one of the biggest states in the nation and is always the common ground for some of the craziest political wars. Even now, many disputes are in court with regard to the authenticity of the parties in power. These events make the state a very keen destination for a tussle in the Lok Sabha elections in 2023.

The election season means that all the citizens need to come out and vote for their choice. Owing to the big changes and ups and downs Maharashtra has faced recently, the citizens need to make smart choices and bring in leaders who are responsible. The voter list and district-wise distribution, along with all other details, are available on the website.

Maharashtra Voter List 2023 – ID Card

The CEO of the Maharashtra website is your one-stop solution for all election voting-related queries. You can download your voter card from the website and get the latest version of the same right on mobile. This process has been simplified for the users. Also, those who have not applied for a voter ID can apply for the same through the portal available for the users.

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Both are availing the card, and applying for one will require you to fill in your details and share some documents; make sure that the information you share is very accurate as there is always a process of cross-checking such information shared by the people. Once you receive your voter card, you can get it turned into a hard copy as the same is required to carry to the polling booth on the day of the election. This is very important in order to be able to cast a vote.

Maharashtra Voter List 2023 – PDF Download

Voting is a right that makes our country the biggest democracy in the world. This right has enabled every citizen of India to feel powerful and feel like they do have a choice as to who they choose to lead. Maharashtra being the battleground for Indian elections, we are sure to see some very interesting results.

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to download the PDF copy of the Maharashtra Voter List 2023:

  1. Go to to check out all the details about the 2023 elections
  2. Start by selecting the search list on the home page of the services
  3. In the drop-down, you can select the constituency, district, language, and e-rolls
  4. Fill in the captcha on the next step and download your PDF
  5. This is the list of your district’s voter details

Maharashtra Voter List 2023 – How to register?

You can go to the home page of the Maharashtra portal of the CEO; there is an option for the application of the voters. You can simply make the application by submitting your documents.

Maharashtra Voter List 2023
Maharashtra Voter List 2023

Maharashtra Voter List FAQs.

Who is the chief minister of Maharashtra?
Eknath Shinde is the ruling chief minister of Maharashtra

How many Lok Sabha seats are in Maharashtra?
There are 48 Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra.

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