Maddam Sir Season 2 Release Date, Sony SAB, Cast, Story, Timing & More

Maddam Sir Season 2 Release Date Sony SAB, Cast, Story, Timing, and more details will be discussed in this post. Maddam Sir is a popular comedy action serial about female police officers broadcasted on Sony Sab. The second season is coming and is expected to be released in 2023. The lead actors of Maddam Sir Season 1 were Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, Bhavika Sharma, and Sonali Pandit Naik. Many people enjoyed watching the show, especially Gulki Joshi’s portrayal of Santosh. The actress decided to leave the show because she felt her character wasn’t growing. Let us now discuss the Release date of Maddam Sir Season 2 and we will tell you more details about this too.

Maddam Sir Season 2 Quick Overview

Serial Name Maddam Sir
Release Date June 2023 (expected)
Timing Monday to Friday at 10:30 PM (expected)
Running Time 20-22 minutes
Channel Name SAB TV
OTT Platform Sony LIV
Genre Comedy, Drama, Action
Language Hindi
Created by Jay Mehta
Written by Deepak Malik, Devang Kakkad
Directed by Hemen Chauhan
Main Cast Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, Sonali Pandit Naik, Bhavika Sharma
Category Entertainment

Maddam Sir Season 2 Release Date Update

Maddam Sir serial is eagerly awaited and the serial can be released at the end of June 2023. The show is produced by Jay Mehta’s Jai Production House and the popular comedy action TV show features female police officers in lead roles, making it a refreshing and unique addition to Indian television.

While the promo for the upcoming season is slated to release in April, there is no official confirmation yet. Fans are waiting for any news about the upcoming season, including the storyline and the cast. The previous season received critical acclaim and was loved by audiences for its humor, action, and strong female characters.

According to reports, the new season of Maddam Sir will air on SAB TV at the same time slot as the previous season, which was Monday to Friday at 10:30 AM. This time slot has worked well for the show in the past and it is likely that the producers will stick to the same schedule to attract viewers.

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Maddam Sir Season 2 Cast Name with Photos

Maddam Sir features a talented cast of actors and the show revolves around female police officers and their lives, with the lead roles played by Gulki Joshi and Yukti Kapoor, who portray S.H.O. Haseena Mallik and Sub Inspector Karishma Singh, respectively.

Cast Name Character Played Worked in
Gulki Joshi S.H.O. Haseena Mallik 665 Episodes
Yukti Kapoor Sub-inspector Karishma Singh 665 Episodes
Sonali Naik Head Constable Pushpa Singh 665 Episodes
Bhavika Sharma Constable Santosh 665 Episodes
Priyanshu Singh Constable Cheetah Chaturvedi 591 Episodes
Akankshaa Rajput Soni 129 Episodes
Akanksha Saini Sheena 112 Episodes
Rahil Azam DSP Anubhav Singh 45 Episodes
Mukesh Chandel Manohar 36 Episodes
Ajay Jadhav Billu 25 Episodes
Jatin Arora Reporter Sunny Chaddha 23 Episodes
Yashkant Sharma Constable Cheetah Chaturvedi 5 Episodes

Sonali Naik plays the role of Head Constable Pushpa Singh, while Bhavika Sharma portrays the character of Constable Santosh. Priyanshu Singh portrays the character of Constable Cheetah Chaturvedi, who has become a fan favorite due to his quirky personality and humorous one-liners. Akankshaa Rajput plays the role of Soni and Akanksha Saini portrays the character of Sheena. Rahil Azam plays the role of DSP Anubhav Singh, while Mukesh Chandel portrays the character of Manohar. Ajay Jadhav plays the role of Billu and Jatin Arora portrays the character of Reporter Sunny Chaddha.

Maddam Sir Season 2 Storylines (Plot)

Maddam Sir is a TV show about five police officers who work together at a police station in Lucknow. Four of the officers are women and one is a man. They solve cases together and one of the prisoners becomes a spy for them.

Two of the female officers, Karishma and Haseena, have different personalities, which sometimes causes conflict between them. But they still support each other. Another officer named Anubhav joins them and helps them sort out their differences. Haseena falls in love with Anubhav but she later discovers that he only pretended to love her for a mission. Despite this, Anubhav’s love for Haseena continues to grow and they eventually come closer.

Anubhav and Haseena plan their engagement but on the day of the engagement, Anubhav is ordered to call off the marriage and leave the city for a national security mission, which he might not return from alive. Knowing that being with him can also be a threat to her life, he leaves Haseena with the help of Karishma. Their story takes a pause but things bring them together again after several months.

Maddam Sir Season 2 Latest Updates

The new season of the serial will soon be released on the Sony Sab channel. You will see the announcement and teasers on Youtube. The fans of the show are eagerly waiting to watch this TV serial again.

Where to Watch Maddam Sir Season 2 Online?

Maddam Sir Season 2 is a popular Indian TV series that can be watched in a few different ways. One of the easiest ways to watch it is on TV through the Sony Sab channel. The show airs regularly on this channel, so viewers can tune in during the scheduled broadcast time.

Alternatively, you can also watch Maddam Sir Season 2 on the Sony Liv app, which is a subscription-based streaming platform. Users can sign up for a subscription to access a wide range of TV shows and movies including Maddam Sir Season 2. With the Sony Liv app, viewers can watch the show on their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

Another option to watch Madam Sir Season 2 on your smartphone is through the Jio TV app. Jio TV is a free live TV streaming app that allows users to watch a variety of channels, including Sony Sab. Viewers can simply download the Jio TV app, search for the Sony Sab channel, and start watching Maddam Sir Season 2 on their smartphones for free.

Frequently Asked Questions about Maddam Sir Season 2

When will Maddam Sir Season 2 be Released?

The serial will be aired from June 2023.

Who are the main cast in Maddam Sir Season 2?

Gulki Joshi, Bhavika Sharma, and Yukti Kapoor are the main cast.

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