Lohri Wishes 2023, WhatsApp Messages, Greeting, SMS, History and Date

Lohri Wishes 2023: The festival of bonfires is here there are many eagerly waiting for an excuse to light the fire of positivity and new beginnings in their life. Lohri signifies the end of a broken past and the start of fresh beginnings. We know your love for Lohri and we also know many of you have questions about Lohri. Others might need the right words to express their hearts and so much more. This article has everything you need including Lohri Wishes 2023, WhatsApp Messages, Greetings, SMS, Lohri history, and more. Keeping finding out all your answers in one place.

Lohri Wishes 2023

Lohri is a very beautiful festival that brings in an era of positivity and love. The lovely season makes the winter solstice come to an end and marks the beginning of the spring season. While the winters in some parts of north India do not entirely end after Lohri it still ignites a fire of new beginnings and the country anticipates a new start. This start will be signifying a bigger and brighter future just like this festival.

Lohri Wishes 2023 Overview

Lohri Wishes 2023

Category Winter Festival
Festival Lohri
Date 14th January 2023
Celebrated in North India
Wishes As shared in the article

Lohri – History

Lohri is known for its bonfire and Punjabi folk songs all over the country. Everyone gets together, sings songs, dances to folk beats, dresses in Punjabi ethnic clothes, and even eats the sweets and savories known in their culture. But the real history has nothing to do with this celebration and can be traced long back to the time Mughals.

Lohri in Punjab is celebrated in remembrance of the dacoit Dulha Bhatti. He even though was a dacoit, fought against the Mughals bravely. He had made his goal to shave the women and work on their growth and development. The day is celebrated in his honor and the country remembers his bravery in Lohri. Talking about the other rituals, they have developed over time. The bonfire also signifies the role of Lord Agni and the people hope that by throwing some of the offerings in the fire the god will forgive their bad deeds and give them a fresh new start.

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Lohri 2023 Date

The festival of Lohri is celebrated on 14th January 2023 each year, there are many other festivals in different parts of India on this day. Unlike many other festivals, the date of this festival stays the same and is constantly celebrated. This is one celebration that brings joy and each year you absolutely know to look forward to it. You can celebrate this festival the way you like. The ideal way to celebrate each essence of this day is to simply enjoy the kite flying of Makar Sankranti during the day and the bonfire of Lohri at night. You can simply get the best of both worlds and who wants any less?

Lohri WhatsApp Status

“Mark this day in your calendar with yellow, a bright light is about to enter your life and soon you will receive the blessings you have been waiting for. Happiest Lohri 2023 to all my loved ones”

“This festival will bring the much-needed light into your life, be brave enough to find it. Many Lohri Wishes to you and your Family”

“Today shows us how important it is simply to get together with your loved ones. Sending love and hoping to see you all soon, Happy Lohri 2023.

Lohri wishes
Lohri wishes

Lohri Wishes 2023 FAQs

Who is the legend behind Lohri celebrations?

Dulha Bhatti is the legend behind the celebrations of Lohri and it is celebrated in his respect

How do people celebrate Lohri in India?

People come together, light a bonfire and listen to Punjabi folk songs on the day of Lohri.

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