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LockUpp Season 2 Release Date: The very popular Alt Balaji show LockUpp was released for the first time last year. As Munawar Faruqui won the trophy the last season, the show gained instant popularity and became one of the most popular reality shows in India at the moment. We are now awaiting the show to be released in its second season and here we are with the latest details on the LockUpp Season 2 Release Date! Along with all the exclusive details we will also share some insights on this LockUpp Season 2 Contestants and Host.

The first season has seen great feedback from the viewers. With Kangana Ranaut hosting the show which was her idea she had promised to deliver a one-of-a-kind performance. And so, she did, with LockUpp Season 1 becoming a great success, people are awaiting LockUpp Season 2 Contestants List. So, as we go further you guys are going to know everything from the release date and everything more!

We have tried our best to get all the exclusive insights on the LockUpp Show and as you guys are here, we are sure you guys are fans. So, it’s simple just watch and get a hang of the details on the release.

LockUpp Season 2 Release Date

The concept of LockUpp is completely unreal as you see that the show revolves around the idea that the contestants are locked up in a jail setting. If they end up making mistakes they are also sent to the lockup. The show has a unique concept where the contestants are all together away from all the kinds of influence from the other world! Every week contestants also get evicted based on the votes of the viewers. So like any other reality show, there are many details that have a huge influence on their life in the game.

The show lasts for about three to four months, the ideal time is three months and but if the rating goes well the show can be extended. The show has a similar structure to the big boss but when the show was released it was properly clarified that in this show unlike big boss it will be Kangana herself who makes all the rules and breaks them! So it is up to her and it stays with her.

LockUpp Season 2 Release Date Overview

As we move forward the details of the show are shared in the overview box shared below:

Article LockUpp Season 2
Name of the event LockUpp Web Series
Season 2
Release date 31st March 2023 (rumored)
Category Entertainment
Prize money 25 lakh
Official OTT Platform ALT Balaji

LockUpp Season 2 Cast

LockUpp Season 2 Cast is featuring Kangana Ranaut and Ekta Kapoor herself. Karan Kundra will play the role of jailor this season and in case they do not have any access to him due to Ghayal his current show there can be a recasting in the role of Jailor. This time even Emiway was also requested to be cast in the show and there are many details on the release of the show.

While the show was supposed to be out by the end of March there has been no communication by the creators the show might be delayed till the end of April.

LockUpp Season 2 Episode List

The LockUpp Season 2 will have 60 -70 episodes throughout the show. The contestants have given their best personal best in the past season to make the best of what they can offer! Now we are waiting to see what the next season has in store for us. The second season already has a bigger hype as the contestants are planning to be a bigger names in the industry and even more now that the fan base is built there is a chance for so many bigger breakthroughs in this season.

LockUpp Season 2 Contestants

While we know that you are all waiting for the list of contestants for the second season, we have a lot of confirmed names for all of you. Big Boss ended recently and the contestants are all geared up for the next reality show season. We are also excited just like you are to see what a mess is being created in the show at the moment, there is a strong chance that the viewers will be more than happy with the LockUpp Season 2 Contestant Lists. Below you will see the details on the confirmed contestants:

  1. Emiway Bantai the very popular rapper is rumored to be part of the show this time. He will surely have a huge fan following watching this one.
  2. Umar Riaz the ex-contestant from the big boss will be back on this one again and he has already won enough hearts in the previous one so let’s see what is in store this time!
  3. Divya Agarwal the winner of big boss OTT and the newly engaged bride-to-be will be back to win the hearts in a reality show. We know there is drama between here and Varun and the gossip will simply make the show a surreal change.
  4. Soundarya Sharma was recently seen in big boss and has been approached to join in on this show as well. She had drama, spice, and a lot of personality traits that made her perfect for a reality show!
  5. Haryanvi Star, Anjali Raghav is also all set to be a part of the show. She is a sensation in her state and will also be seen adding a new touch to the show.

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LockUpp Season 2 Prize

The LockUpp Season 2 Prize is decided to be decided by the creators how the prize money will surely be equal to the last season. LockUpp Season 2 prize money will be 25 lakhs and above! So make sure that this time you stay tuned about the details of the price on this one.

LockUpp Season 2 Release Date
LockUpp Season 2 Release Date

LockUpp Season 2 Alt Balaji

The official OTT partner of the LockUpp Season 2 is Alt Balaji in 2023. The details of the show are always updated on this platform before time, the trailer is also out on this platform as well. So download and subscribe now!

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