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LIC Policy Status Check by SMS: The Life Insurance Corporation of India has provided security and safety to many people in our country. With things changing so quickly,y we cannot feel secure without insurance policies at the moment. But the hassle of getting a policy was too much for anyone busy with life, however, now the problem is solved with the easy LIC Policy Status Check by SMS or DOB option. Read this article to know about the important links and policy status-checking process.

The purpose of insurance is to secure your life, medical issues, and many more material things you hold of value. Every intelligent adult has a policy or probably has multiple policies due to their need for everyone. This article will simply share all the details you need to take up a policy and check your status from the comfort of your mobiles and laptops, keep reading to know more.

LIC Policy Status Check by SMS

It does not take much to make your LIC Policy in today’s time. The times are gone when the world thought that checking the LIC policy will be a tough job, and you had to go all the way to the offices to get the task done. In a world where everyone has been locked in homes for two years due to a pandemic, going to offices for a policy in rush hours is not safe for them or the staff. So now the status can be checked online or through sms by multiple means. Here are some ways to check your LIC status, keep reading to know the details

LIC Policy Status Check by SMS Overview

LIC Policy Status Check by SMS Overview
Category Insurance
Organization LIC
How to check the status SMS/Online
Process to check As shared in the article
Contact Number to Check As shared in the article

LIC Policy Registration

You can register for a LIC policy through the process shared below, make sure you follow the steps properly and check your status based on your best knowledge.

  1. Open the online site of the LIC Policy
  2. The link to the site is shared at the end of the article
  3. Click on the new user tab, you can find the details on the tab
  4. You can add the following details:
  • Policy number
  • Installment of Premium Account details
  • Date of Birth
  • Email ID that is registered
  1. Now you will be given the option to enter the password, please add the password as per your understanding based on the guidelines given

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LIC Policy Status Check by Name and DOB

The calling facility provided by LIC for different states allows you to check the status at your comfort. The relevant number will be shared at the end of this article. Using this feature, you will need to enter your name and DOB and your policy status will be shared with you. This helps in checking the due date of your premium and getting an idea of your current situation as for the premium.

In order to revive your policy you can simply do it with the comfort of sending an SMS to 56677. So this will help in getting closer to the status. Now once this is done your policy will be renewed simply type in the msg ‘ASKLIC REVIVAL’. Copy and paste from here if needed.

Checking LIC Policy with Phone Number

We are sharing some of the most common and required policy status-checking numbers from the North Zone. If your area is not covered here you can log into the website and see your zone’s contact number.

Chandigarh 0172 – 27846240
Delhi 011-28844132
Jaipur 0141-2745834
Shimla 0177 – 2629212
Rohtak 1262 – 228328

LIC Policy Status Check by SMS
LIC Policy Status Check by SMS

LIC Policy Status Check by SMS FAQs

Can I check my LIC Policy Status via SMS?

Yes, you can massage your state’s listed number and get the status of your LIC policy via SMS.

What is the number to check LIC Policy Status in Delhi?

The number to check LIC Policy Status Check by SMS in Delhi is 0172 – 27846240.

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