Last of Us TV Series, Episode 2 Review, Hotstar, Latest Updates, Date, Time of Release, How to Watch

Last of US TV Series: This is the time when all the gamers will be losing their minds and have been waiting for a long time! The Last of Us, of the most popular video games ever made, has been converted into a web series currently being shown on Disney+Hostar. The show has already four seasons out and is rated on top of the charts with its life-like storyline and the perfect twists and turns. Keep reading to know about Last of US TV Series on Hotstar, Show Time, Episode 4 review, and more.

The series was released four weeks ago and has been one of the most prominent releases of the year already. It has reminded people of their beloved game. This show will be based in a parallel world and the demand of viewers who wanted to watch the game characters’ real-life descriptions will finally be fully filled.

Last of US TV Series

After a decade-long wait since the release of the game, the makers have finally released a series based on the game’s plot. The game revolved around a post-apocalyptic world where there was not much life left. Now that the series is released India’s fans have been waiting eagerly to watch their beloved game live in action. The same has now been possible since the game will be featured on Disney+Hotstar

Last of US TV Series Overview

Last of US TV Series Overview
Category Entertainment
Name Last of US
OTT Platform Hotstar/HBO
Airtime 7:30 AM
Episodes 2 released

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Last of US – How to watch in the USA

The recent release of the show had all the fans waiting for the most anticipated release. Not all fans were lucky enough to see the show in their region due to the OTT platform. i.e. HBO. The people from the US worry not! We have a quick process with a few simple steps to help you watch your favorite show:

  1.       Download a VPN application that works in your region
  2.       Now Log into the application with your details
  3.       Once done select India as your location
  4.       Now you can download Disney+Hotstar on your phones using the application downloader you normally use
  5.       Finally, log into the Disney+Hotstar application with your email address and enjoy the show

 Last of Us – Episode 2

The second episode titled ‘exit through the gift shop’ has now turned the heads of the audiences. With each episode, the memories of the game come flooding for the gamers, and even if you are not a gamer we are sure you must have heard of and played the game. This episode will door up many new presumptions about the game. This show will have a lot going on for all the people who have so many anticipations from the game.

There were glimpses of what Boston looked like post-apocalyptic and we are sure that these glimpses are still not enough for us. Something exciting may be our way and we are eager to see what more is in store for us.

Finally, we are sure that this episode will set a lot of details into their place and make us wait for more but this time with more knowledge. Let’s hope the coming episode gives us a bigger glimpse!

Last of Us TV Series
Last of Us TV Series
Official Website

Last of US TV Series FAQs

Where can I watch the Last of US TV Series in India?

You can watch the Last of US TV Series on Hotstar

How many episodes of Last of Us will be there?

There are total 9 episodes of the Last of US TV Series 

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