Larry Page Net Worth and Exclusive on his Height, Family, Biography

Larry Page Net Worth: Today we will talk about the person who created this platform on which you are reading this article. Yes, Larry Page the co-founder of Google. We have the answers to all your questions on Larry Page’s Net Worth, Height, Family, and Biography. He is for obvious reasons now a celebrity himself and has made himself a major tycoon in the business league. His business ideas and plans have been very popular, and have always been successful. Larry Page made google what it is today and even though he doesn’t own the company he still has a thriving influence on it.

Larry Page Net Worth

Larry Page never owned Google as it is an LLC. Thus, it does not have an owner and is a subsidiary of the holding company Alphabet. Larry is one of the board members at Alphabet. He is known amongst the league of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. He is a renowned computer scientist who had given the world the gift of Google. Now that the world cannot presumably live without Google, this search engine will always be known for its co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Larry Page Net Worth Overview

Larry Page Net Worth Overview

Name Larry Page
Net Worth USD 89 billion
Age 49
Spouse Lucinda Southworth
Business Company Google, Alphabet

Larry Page – Biography

Larry grew up in a simple household in Michigan. He was born to Carl Victor and Gloria in 1973. He was a studious kid who was always curious about technology and computer. He graduated from East Lansing High School. Later he went on to pursue his passion in higher studios and studied computer science. He studied at the University of Michigan. He went on to complete his master’s at Stanford University.

The simple boy from Michigan never looked back at his old life and simply started a new life by working at Google. The success of Google is the product of hard work and of its creators. Google now might be an LLC and also the search engine for billions but back then it was just an introductory brand that people didn’t know about.

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What is Larry Page’s current net worth?

Larry is the 9th richest man in the world and is very popular for the creation that he has gifted to the world. Larry’s current net worth is noted to be $89 billion dollars. He dominates the world’s richest people index and has kept changing positions based on the changes in his personal and professional life.

Larry Page Career

Larry had aimed for the star at a very young age. He stated that he aimed to own his own company at a very young age. Also, he realized how he was passionate about investing in something that never existed before. He has shared in multiple interviews that he was 12 when he realized he wanted to invent and own his company and thus he got interested in businesses and technology both.

When Larry met Sergey and they both worked hard at creating one of a kind search engine called Google. This search engine came into the market when search engines like Yahoo and others were already being used the world over. However when Larry’s understanding of a successful business came with an advantage. Larry simply showcased how he was different from other brands. Google’s usage was being sold all over the market and the companies started preferring a cost-free google as compared to Yahoo. The statistics of what happened as a consequence can be seen today, Yahoo has become history, and Google is the only search engine in the world. This is Larry’s story of success!

Larry Page net worth
Larry Page Net Worth


Larry Page Net Worth FAQs

What is Larry Page’s Net Worth as per 2022 data?

Larry Page’s Net Worth is $89 billion

Who was the co-founder of Google with Larry Page?

Sergey Brin and Larry Page co-founded google

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