Largest Island in the World! Top 5 largest islands, Rankings and More

Largest Island in the World: Our earth is an astonishing place and every year we end up seeing new and more interesting features of our planet. Every person who loves water bodies has once at least thought of moving to an island and spending their lives there. In this article, we will share the Largest Island in the World in a list of the top 5 largest islands which will be the perfect guide for all the ones who wish to take a tour to some islands which can be your next travel destination!

As much as we love the whole idea of this, we know that islands are either expensive or inhospitable and there are only a few large islands in the world that can be considered habitable as per the latest developments. keeping side, the permanent stays we are sure you want to go on a break and have a fun staycation on the best islands in the world.

Largest Island in the World

As people who are enthralled to make their travel destinations like no other, this article will be the game changer for you! The locations mentioned in this article might be some of the most beautiful islands and even though they are as pretty as you will find out they are also extremely underrated! Thus, there is a chance you might have no even heard about them and the fact they are not very popular makes some more budget-friendly and again very peaceful as they are away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

The Island list holds some of the most prominent spots in the world. Thus, the islands are not all located on the same continent which makes it very easy for you all to choose the spots closer to you. Some say that beaches are more or less the same, I beg to differ on this one as we know that these islands will give completely different experiences and different vibes altogether.

You will be getting a chance to enjoy each spot in its individuality and this is what makes these details all the more enjoyable. This is what makes these spots worth your time and interest. After all, there are many places to explore in the world and this is why we are here sharing these beautiful details with you!

Largest Island in the World Overview

Name Largest Island in the World
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Largest Island Greenland
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Top largest islands in the world

There is a whole list of Islands available for you all to visit and we have divided these islands on a scale of the bigger land. Islands are basically regions that are small to be called a state generally and are located in the middle of the water bodies. Islands are attached to countries mostly but there are some countries that are islands themselves as they are located in a separate location from other parts of the land.

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For all you water babies we are sharing the details below, make sure you read the details for more:

  1. Greenland: The cold island located near the arctic is one of the most popular tourist destinations. This place is a famous tourist destination for its views and one-of-a-kind cold and hot water lakes.
  2. New Guinea: The second largest island in the world is completely filled with long-spread forests all over the place. It is home to a diverse lifestyle we love a little adventure thus exploring this one is a must!
  3. Borneo: The island near Malaysia is located in the south of Asia and we love this island a little more because of its diverse existence!
  4. Madagascar: We know you already know about the coolest island ever all thanks to the movies that have been made about this. Go check it out.
  5. Baffin Island: An island far far away located in the Arctic is the best island if you want a getaway!
Largest Island in the World
Largest Island in the World

Largest Island in the World FAQs

Which is the largest Island in the world?

The largest island in the world is Greenland

Which is the second largest island in the world?

The second largest Island in the world is New Guinea

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