Kiss Day Wishes, Images, Status, SMS, Quotes and More

Kiss Day Wishes: While the whole world was falling in Valentine’s week we had a great day to express the stroke of love the right way. The kind we all need and the kind the world is missing out on. The small gesture and a heartfelt kiss make you feel things that make your happy hormones jump and smile. All you need today is someone giving you a little kiss and thus making sure you do the one thing you need to do! So here is an article on Kiss Day Wishes, Images, Status, SMS, Quotes, and everything you need to send across your sentiments of love to your dear someone.

When it comes to Kiss Day people normally associate it with more freaky things and think that this one is taboo. Yet people do not understand how this day will be remembered for many couples as the day they first kissed and made it a real thing. People who have lived the beauty of this day feel this day is no less than a movie. A day that acts as an excuse and allows you to take a step forward on the prettiest expression of love.

Kiss Day Wishes

Let us first remind you that this day will always be special to many and as we speak there are many who are looking forward to this day and waiting for it happens for them this year. Love is a beautiful gesture and expressing it gets easier when people realize it is the little things. Remember how we have seen in Bollywood movies a simple peck on the cheeks was all it took for Shah Rukh to win Kajol’s heart? This is exactly what this day symbolizes. Finding love that is hidden in your heart and living the moment like no other!

Coming back to the day when kisses were just a rather unusual thing and many simply felt like they needed more flowery and he gestures. Well, that is what Valentines is here and those who wish to do the needful need to understand that the gestures of love sometimes can be a little private too. The little things like a peck on the cheeks, a cute message and more will make this day perfect! And worry not we have put together all the words you need to use on this day and once that is done, simply stop with the words all right!

Happy Kiss Day Wishes Overview

Kiss Day Wishes Overview

Category Festival 2023
Name Kiss Day Wishes
Date 12th February
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Kiss Day Quotes

We know how eager you are to read the quotes about this day and make them your little wishes to your lovely partners. Worry not we have all of it covered for you, make sure if you do mean to write a wish to them yourself you do it gently and your words show how valuable they are to you and this is not the only day you will value them after all. Everything and anything is a win if you do this right, it is time to make this beauty happen!

“You and your eyes have always been mesmerizing to me and today I simply want to say that every time I get closer to you, I feel safe. This feeling has been the best of all, and I will never let it go! Happy Kiss Day”

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“Sending lots of hugs and forehead kisses to the dearest love of my life because without you I am incomplete and when you are around, I find my way. Happy Kiss Day”

“Thank you for going away Covid, I finally get a chance and a reason to give you a kiss, let us live this day to the fullest. Happy Kiss Day”

“While your eyes lit up on this day years ago when we had our first kiss of many to come, I see that smile and shine every time this day comes, thank you for loving me constantly. You are the rock and the pillar! Happy Kiss Day”

Kiss Day Wishes
Kiss Day Wishes

Kiss Day Wishes FAQs

When is Kiss Day in February?

12th February is Kiss Day

When does Kiss Day fall in Valentine’s week?

Kiss Day falls as the second last day in Valentine’s week

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