Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding, Photos, Locations, Outfits and More

Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding: The wedding season is in full bloom and all the celebrities are making sure they make the most of it. We are absolutely eager to share the details with you on the Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding and details including photos, locations, and outfits will all be shared here. We are so excited about their wedding and we know you are too, so basically, the biggest wedding event of the season is all set to be launched!

In a recent event spree, Athiya Shetty married KL Rahul and the country adored the couple to the fullest. I mean how could one not admire the lovely couple as they moved into the pretty space and made it big in their own way? Now that the newest event of the Kiara Sidharth wedding is being launched, we are all so excited to see them as bride and groom. We know all the exclusive insights that all the fans are eager to know and in order to know everything about the wedding you will need to read this article and get the insider details!

Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding

Kiara and Sidharth met on the sets of SherShah, the movie that brought back the charm of Sidharth Malhotra! The movie was a very special film on the life of an army man who loved his nation and his girl. Ever since the movie we fell in love with those two and we, of course, have been waiting for them to share their romance and love on a public platform. As much as we have waited, the first few images we will see of them together must be the ones of their wedding now.

Kiara and Sidharth instantly became one of the hottest couples in B-Town and now that they have reached a place that holds a special space in our hearts we cannot help but wait for them to get married and share their wedding details with us. Whenever a special wedding like this takes place we all make sure that the wedding is lived equally by us although the proper insider details are not shared yet. We do have some extra insider information on the wedding and we are sure you will love them.

Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding Photos

We are sharing some of the prettiest pictures of Kiara and Sidharth together which just gives us an idea of how cute they will look together. One the Koffee with Karan shows both shared with the host that they are together and are in love with each other. They were adorable but didn’t appear together and joined the platform individually. However, they have been posting images with similar backgrounds and these images have been making us realize that they have traveled on trips together for a while now.

Check out the pictures below!

Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding
Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding
Source: Hindustan Times

Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding Location

The duo is all set to have a Jaipur wedding in Samogh Palace. The palace is as dreamy as it gets and obviously with a class-A list of invites, they have booked 80 rooms in the palace for their guests. This also tells us that the wedding will only be for close friends and family people and they will be hosting the days of the wedding, especially with the people a couple close. The Delhi boy marrying this Marwari girl is going to be an out-of-the-box for us all!

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Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding Outfits

The couple is all set to be a Manish Malhotra Couple. Kiara has chosen Manish to design her clothes and was seen traveling to the wedding location with Manish. She was also seen traveling to this house to get the final fits. Both Kiara and Sidharth have chosen him for the wedding dates, yet do not know which other designers will be designing clothes for the other events.

As per reports, Kiara will be wearing a red Lehenga and Sidharth will be dressed in a cream-colored Sherwani.

Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding Guests

The couple will be joined by close friends and family of course but most of them are just family and not celebrities. There are going to be some very popular renowned names though at the wedding. Karan Johar has already made his way to the location with Sidharth. Also, Kiara is best friends with Isha Ambani herself and Kiara was a bridesmaid at her wedding too. So we are sure to see Isha. Isha had also shared her jet with Kiara to travel to Jaipur.

Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding
Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding

Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra Wedding FAQs

When are Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra getting married?

Kiara Advani Sidharth Malhotra will marry on 6th February.

Which designer Lehenga will Kiara wear at her wedding?

Kiara will be wearing Manish Malhotra

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